Connection issues?

ATM I having trouble connecting to PVP. When I’m searching for an opponent the text CONNECTING pops up for a few seconds before I’m thrown back to the lobby. I have restarted the game several times, switched connection, rebooted phone but same problem occurs.
I’m on Android, Galaxy S9, playing from Sweden / Europe. Anyone else?

It’s a common problem that I’m surprised has been rarely mentioned. Lots of getting stuck in loading, getting booted out, or just match happening without me knowing after I cancelled the match. Very annoying.

I don´t have the thrownabck into the lobby, but know Cabbagesavagers problem. After the loading is ready you stay on the loading screen and nothing happens. If you do a relog you are in the middle of the match.

It’s been worse for me over the last week or two I think. I definitely see more PvP disconnects than I used to and now I’m also having all kinds of squirrely connections with co-op raids. Accepting invites only to no-show in the lobby, timing out once the countdown timer says “start”, etc.