Connection issues lately

During the last 24h, I’ve experienced many connection issues with the game servers: during PvP, in the bounty event, resetting my gauntlet, assigning patrols, etc. I disconnect and reconnect, but it works for 1 minute and then it stops working again. I’ve tried other games in multiplayer mode (Asphalt 8, Guns of Boom,…) And they work perfectly fine. Is it just me?

You may want to talk to Player Support (Profile > Support > Contact Us)

Thanks for the tip. I just wanted to know if I was the only one. I’m playing on 4G now, which seems to work better than WiFi. I’ll see if it gets better tomorrow, but if it continues I’ll contact them.

You’re not the only one, happens to me all the time, specially in PvP.

Don’t bother yourself about that.

I never received a proper response or solution about anything from in-game support.

Just saying…

Well, when I’ve had to contact them, they were very polite and solved my issues sooner or later. Sure, the answers are a mix of true answer to my issue and general copy-paste paragraphs if it’s also a general issue, but it works quite well IMO.