Cover change on Auto Mode

While playing PvP on auto mode, I get more and more annoyed by heroes changing cover while reloading, casting or running around from cover to cover, even if its not broken, or trying to find a unbroken, if there are non left.

I had heroes running around for a good 10 seconds doing nothing but getting hit and they didn´t even start attacking after stopping, because they had to reload. They just ducked behind a cover for a second, started reloading, but just short before the animation ended, they changed cover again and did the same behind the next cover. It get´s even worse, if there are no covers left, because they just run and run and run doing nearly nothing else. They sometimes even started to cast their skills and changed their position while doing so, resulting in a canceled skill and a needed cooldown.

My suggestion would be, that heroes dont´t change cover while reloading, or casting a skill. If the skill needs your hero to stand still for some time, like Flatlines Taser, they can only change after a few seconds.
If there are no covers left, the heros should notice that and don´t try to find a not broken one, or may only start changing position after a certain ammount of time , like 3 or 4 seconds.

Sure I know that you should have some disadvantages playing on auto mode, but you already have the aiming and skill casting disadvantage. Also everyone plays most of the match in auto mode, because 4 out of 5 heroes are starting on auto and having you healer cancelling his heal to change cover effects everyone.

PS: Talking about healers. It would be great if Gammond could cast his heal without needing a special invitation. He mostly stashes his heal while your heroes are going down.

I’m afraid that if they keep upgrading auto, it just turn into a not-so-auto mode where you get aimbot with decent headshot chance that barely misses moving targets.


Did you read the whole text?

I dont´t want changes in aiming or casting. Just a second thought on the postion changes of the heroes.

Yeah, I read the text, but I don’t mean for this one upgrade. I mean that there are people who want auto to be as efficient as manual, which sounds bad to me, since auto has, basically, aimbot.

What I’m afraid is that, little tweak after little tweak, they make auto mandatory in the long run, which would take away some fun.

And I agree with you that AI is too clumsy when all covers are destroyed. I’ve seen an AI moving from one destroyed cover to another and waste around 15 secs. But that’s not a problem with auto itself, thats AI, generally.

Also, AI only cancels channeling skills (like Flatline’s taser) if there is an incoming danger (grenades, fire bombs, etc), as far as I know. I haven’t seen AI canceling skills out the blue, to be honest.

Finally, I think healers only use their heals when an ally goes under a certain %HP threshold. But last patch kinda fixed it. You can select Gammond and tap on his heal while still autoing and force-cast it.

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Auto has no aimbot at all, the shooting sometimes really sucks and they would even miss a barn door.
I think Auto is good as it is now, except the stuff I mentioned.

I recently had Hideo canceling his knife throwing skill. Canceling the channeling skills is okay, since otherwise they would be easy victims and some damage is already done.

Sure I can force cast his heal, but if your are playing another hero, you have to realise he isn´t casting, then change to him and then cast, wich all in all takes some seconds. Sure the AI is not perfect and misses a skill here and then, but it´s conspicuously often that Gammond forgets his heal, while ohers do much better.
There is some of this stuff in the game. Some heroes seem to be kind of “special”. Like Hivemind seems to have some kind of taunt. He´s mostly attacked first by 3-5 opponents. Not only in PvP, but in Gauntlet and Raids, too.

Well, autoing heroes instantly change targets when the current objective is dead. Something a human couldn’t do without aim bot. I know they miss a lot, but only if enemy is hidden behind cover. If they are standing or moving, AI has good aim, most of the times.

Some non-channeled skills can be canceled by moving (like Phalanx’ silver or Halo’s silver), while others can’t (like Moss’ skills). I don’t own Hideo, so I dont know in which category falls his knife throwing skill. But as long as he was in danger, I think canceling his casting to move to a different position is not a bad move. If he canceled our of the blue, without any incoming danger, I think we are talking a bug, not an AI problem

AI tends to target enemies out of cover, enemies that did damage to them and enemies controlled by the player. Given how big is Hivemind’s magazine, he is bound to spend sometime out of cover. And his weapon do quite the damage. So AI seems to love killing poor Hivemind. This gets even worse if you control him.

Finally found some time to answer :smile:

Yes the aim after the cover is broken is quite good, but for most heroes it takes time to break cover, so you get a big disadvantage at the start of the match. The only thing the AI is really better is switching heroes, which can really help, expecially if you get close to loosing and Dogface fires his skill.

I don´t know if Hideos canceling was a bug or just bad AI, but the cast is below one second, so he should execute his skill no matter if he gets attacked.

My Hivemind is usally down in seconds, while my other Heroes are still at 100% with one or two may be down to 90%. They may should take a look at this, because you have to hide him for the first seconds of the match, no matter the game mode, which makes him annoying in the best case, useless at the worst.

But I think we get more and more away from the intention of my thread. In my opinion Auto mode wouldn´t get to strong, if they adjust the cover change a bit, because it would effect the manually playing players, too. Their team will also be more effectiv.


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