TIL you can still manually perform basic actions even while on autoplay

This may not be news to many of the forum but this is news to me. You can still move from cover to cover, activate bronze and silver skills, and select which enemy the Hero should target. Oh baby.

Sharing PVP tips on pubic forums is against gamer etiquette, Thank you.

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Never heard of a set of rules for gamers in fourms


…pubic forums…

Anyways, what rule?


No its not, no one is making you to either share tips or read them. Making up stupid rules is prohibited as well


Dont tell me you didnt try to do it right away :slight_smile:

If i found a new trick on how to beat players i won’t tell you guys. :stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue:


If you play on auto, the first 5 seconds of the match cycle through all your hero’s targeting the opponent you want to kill first. Then cycle back to Gale (for example) and her skill’s charged, mark the target. Now your AI is shooting it, switch to opposite element dps and start hitting the 2nd opponent you want to hit. Always be cycling through your heroes. When your comfortable in the match to just use one hero you can switch to Caine and set phone down.

This is all on auto. Clicking on opposing heroes to target them, and manually clicking bronze and silver skills.

When I say I auto pvp, this is what I mean. If I say full auto, it means I start a match and then force close the app. Come back in 2 minutes and check inbox for results. To do this on iPhone double click home button and swipe app gone. On Android click the show all apps open button and click the X the close Hero Hunters only or Close all button at bottom of screen. This is very effective for free play frag farming.

I was just joking before. I share tips all day

Okay but I only do that “full auto” thing for PvP. I don’t care much about it. I mean honestly that reply was wholly unnecessary but thank you anyway.

If I want to win in PVP, I never go auto, ever. :joy: Understanding what hero must be piloted and which enemy needs to be targeted first is also necessary for victory.


I use auto cause my phone screen goes wack if I go manual. Can’t seem to get any control of the “flicks” my Hero does while I try to move their aim around.

Auto FTW! :sunglasses:

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