December 2020 Events Calendar

:santa: HO HO HO! Welcome to December, Hunters! :christmas_tree:

As usual, we have lots going on! Some events have not been included on the physical calendar so make sure to read the forum post below to see the complete events schedule!

Please check in-game the day before the event starts to see Rewards, Bonus Heroes, and other details. Events and content subject to change.

Solo Blitz

  • Dec 1st to Dec 3rd – Solo Blitz
  • Dec 4th to Dec 7th – Solo Blitz
  • Dec 8th to Dec 10th – Solo Blitz
  • Dec 10th to Dec 17th – Solo Blitz – not on calendar
  • Dec 15th to Dec 17th – Solo Blitz
  • Dec 18th to Dec 21st – Solo Blitz
  • Dec 22nd to Dec 24th – Solo Blitz
  • Dec 29th to Dec 31st – Solo Blitz

Alliance Blitz

  • Dec 10th to Dec 14th – Alliance Blitz
  • Dec 24th to Dec 28th – Alliance Blitz

Solo Raid

  • Nov 30th to Dec 4th – Solo Raid
  • Dec 14th to Dec 18th – Solo Raid

Coop Raid

  • Dec 7th to Dec 11th – Coop Raid
  • Dec 21st to Dec 25th – Coop Raid

PVP Tournaments and Brawls

  • Dec 1st to Dec 3rd – PVP Tournament: Obrez and MK 2
  • Dec 7th to Dec 8th – Brawl: Elemental Wars
  • Dec 8th to Dec 10th – PVP Tournament: Obrez and Brogan (Co-op)
  • Dec 15th to Dec 17th – PVP Tournament: Obrez and Min
  • Dec 21st to Dec 22nd – Brawl: Elemental Wars
  • Dec 22nd to Dec 24th – PVP Tournament: Obrez and Marianas
  • Dec 29th to Dec 31st – PVP Tournament: ??? and Obrez


  • Dec 4th to Dec 7th – Bounty: Magistrates and KLG Irregulars
  • Dec 18th to Dec 21st – Bounty: Magistrates and KLG Irregulars

Faction Fights

  • Dec 11th to Dec 14th – Faction Fight: Magistrates and KLG Irregulars
  • Dec 25th to Dec 28th – Faction Fight: Magistrates and KLG Irregulars

Special Events (NOT ON CALENDAR)

  • Dec 3rd to Dec 10th – Obrez Skin Event: Secret Weapon
  • Dec 10th to Dec 17th – Solo Raid: Gun-der Dome!
  • Dec 24th to Jan 7th – Min’s Danger Simulator: A Very Savage X-Mas (more details on this in future update notes)

Don’t Forget about Daily Raids!

:calendar: Monthly Store Changes :calendar:

:vs: PvP Store Updates

  • Fischer and Sapphyr will be featured for the month of December.

:shopping_cart: Gauntlet Store Updates

  • Steele will be featured for the month of December

Note: You may be wondering, “Where’s the scavenger hunt?” Not to worry! We have plans for something coming in January/February 2021, for our 4 year anniversary!


Looks like it will be a busy month full of events.

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Its been 4 years huh? Dang… Time flies

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Love the pvp store changes thanks guys

@Skathi Will there be chances to obtain vault tokens in the simulator?

I hope min simulator adding new enemy hero


no gift hunt?‍ ‍ ‍ ‍ ‍ ‍ ‍ ‍ ‍ ‍ ‍ ‍ ‍ ‍ ‍ ‍ ‍ ‍ ‍ ‍

At the bottom of the post :slight_smile:

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ooooh I didn’t saw that.
hmmm right on my Bmonth, I expect a HUGE gift

Heads up: I’ve seen some people talking about waiting for the Holiday Store this year. Holiday Stores are always tied to the appearance of Scavenger Hunts, and use the currency from the hunt. Since there’s no Scavenger this month, that means there’s no matching Holiday Store. Just wanted to clear that up!

No coop pvp event this month?

What you see on the calendar and in the notes below is what’s happening! We put up these calendars and notes because people requested to have a full list of events. We wouldn’t leave out anything. Otherwise, what would be the point of posting them to begin with?

My apologies and thank you for clarifying the definition of “events calendar”. I should have asked “how come there isn’t a coop pvp tournament this month?”. The only reason I ask is because it is actually a fun and exciting event that players enjoy running with other alliance teammates or even other alliance’s members, even when considering the amounts of bugs and/or issues that occur repeatedly during the event. Again, my apologies for you assuming I thought there was an error on the events calendar or that you just left it off.

We don’t run all events every month. There just isn’t enough time! Sometimes it’s good to want something and have to wait for it. If we ran it all the time, it wouldn’t be special.

I forgot to specify which tournament was co-op! It’s been updated now.


Thank you - seems like we drove through Florida to get to Maine for the question/answer process that just occurred.


It’s nice to have good devs who actually know what’s going on to answer questions. Would be cool if we had more like Skathi!!


I don’t handle events. I was operating based on what Skathi posted originally. Apologies for the confusion.


Me waiting for scavenger hunt​:candy::lollipop: :roll_eyes:
I hope this Min Dangers Simulator come harder with good rewards :fist::relaxed::fist:

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