December Events Calendar

:notes: It’s the most wonderful time of the year! :notes:

Welcome to December, Hunters!

Tons of events will be keeping your warm this Holiday season, including Min’s Danger Simulator and a Holiday Scavenger Hunt! Details for these events will be covered in upcoming Update Notes.

Please check in-game the day before the event starts to see Rewards, Bonus Heroes, and other details. Events and content subject to change.

Solo Raid

  • Dec 9th to Dec 13th – Solo Raid
  • Dec 30th to Jan 3rd – Solo Raid

Coop Raid

  • Dec 2nd to Dec 6th – Coop Raid
  • Dec 16th to Dec 20th – Coop Raid

Solo Blitz

  • Dec 3rd to Dec 5th – Solo Blitz
  • Dec 10th to Dec 12th – Solo Blitz
  • Dec 13th to Dec 16th – Solo Blitz
  • Dec 17th to Dec 19th – Solo Blitz
  • Dec 24th to Dec 26th – Solo Blitz
  • Dec 27th to Dec 30th – Solo Blitz
  • Dec 31st to Jan 2nd – Solo Blitz

Alliance Blitz

  • Dec 6th to Dec 9th – Alliance Blitz
  • Dec 19th to Dec 23rd – Alliance Blitz

PVP Tournaments and Brawls

  • Dec 3rd to Dec 5th – PVP Tournament: 4-Cep and Beck
  • Dec 9th to Dec 10th – Brawl: Elemental Wars
  • Dec 10th to Dec 12th – PCP Tournament: 4-Cep and Heimlock
  • Dec 17th to Dec 19th – PVP Tournament: 4-Cep and Chesterfield
  • Dec 24th to Dec 26th – PVP Tournament: 4-Cep and ???
  • Dec 30th to Dec 31st – Brawl: Elemental Wars
  • Dec 31st to Jan 2nd – PVP Tournament: ??? and Shivs


  • Dec 13th to Dec 16th – Bounty: Mercenaries and Morlocks
  • Dec 27th to Dec 30th – Bounty: Peoples Guard and KLG Black Ops­

Faction Fights

  • Dec 6th to Dec 9th – Faction Fight: Mercenaries
  • Dec 20th to Dec 23rd – Faction Fight: Mercenaries

Special Events

  • Dec 6th to Dec 13th – 4-Cep Skin event
  • Dec 19th to Jan 6th – Min’s Danger Simulator (not on calendar)
  • Dec 19th to Jan 6th – Christmas Scavenger Hunt (not on calendar)

Don’t Forget about Daily Raids!


I know Nightingale is getting a new skin, will that be released during this Xmas update?

It better not be destroying 100 of those hidden things and then unlock nightingale’s new skin, i’ll be very upset. (because i haven’t beaten campaign 14 yet.) :expressionless:


Probably min sim if anything.

Curious if theres gonna be another december hero

i have a bad feeling it will be only if you get all xmas boxes, which i hope isnt the case

Get grinding on those missions then to be safe

Yup making my Bio heroes stronger to beat wesson. :laughing:

Super excited for the Xmas hunt :smiley:

my morale is pretty low for people guard

Plz plz put siren in the pvp store


:point_up: This please.

I’m confused who December faction is. Is this correct? People’s Guard again x3?

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you heard that right, and not a single watch or mag. a sad sight to see

Thanksfor the heads up on the next bounty…my KLG black op heros are sucking right now lol

To add on to that, why do we need another Night skin again? She already has a legendary skin. How is this elf skin going to compare to that? There are countless other heroes that could have gotten the whole “elf” make-over, for example Astrix, Briar, Cinder, Min, Oracle, or Siren. None of them have skins! Hell, you could have turned Elite Rifleman into one of those Nutcracker soldiers! And we have heroes that have multiple skins, like Hardscope, Mauler, Moss, Clyde, Matador, etc.


Hmm yeah maybe you’re right. :slight_smile:

Or maybe her new skin might heal more or give special status or something…:thinking:

The reason why Nightengale is getting the skin is because it was one that was already completed from a long time ago.
Don’t worry though there will be some love for those without skins hopefully in the not super distant future, so please keep an eye out for any news about that.


I’m actually glad about Night having a new skin because I have the legendary skin, and don’t use it, due to it’s effect on her skill. So I’m just happy for a rare skin that will boost her stats while not changing her ability.

That nutcracker ER idea was really good IMO.