Detailed Patch Notes - Thank You!

A couple months ago, I made a post discussing my and the community’s desire for more detailed patch notes:

Now that the second role-warfare update has been rolled out, I’d like to follow up on this and give a shout-out and thank-you to the devs for listening and making things more transparent. @BombBella - I’m not sure if you were the one responsible for actually writing the patch notes or if you were just the one relaying them to the forum, but thank you! (or thanks to whomever did write them).

Here are some of the changes made to Razorback, listed in the October Update II notes:

This is awesome!!! We as players now have actual tangible changes that we can adapt our gameplay to accordingly. We can see clearly that Razor’s hp was increased by ~23%, his offense mod was increased by 33%, etc.

Please know that this is greatly appreciated by all of us and hasn’t gone unnoticed!


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