Diamond Ability - Rambo Rage

Some will probably say this is a bug but those same people probably think Santa doesn’t exist or the Easter Bunny doesn’t hide the painted eggs. To those people, I bid you adieu.

To the rest of you wonderful people, I’ve uncovered the secret hidden ability of Jarek known only to a few. In fact, dare I say, I may be the only one to include the developers to realize this exists.

Without further delay, I introduce you to the Jareks diamond level ability - Rambo Style!

So there I was, going up against Manit0013, underpowered by 5k but giving it my all. Jarek, sensing danger and concerned for the life of his comrades, let’s out a blistering beserker roar, tackles Ronin, knocking him to the ground and then goes into secret squirrel mode. Unbeknownst to the enemy and even his fellow heroes, Jarek slips behind the barge, submerging himself in the ocean, watching as the battle unfolds.

As his comrades fall to the ground, one by one, Jarek becomes enraged, realizing that the end is near but knowing he must go down in a whirlwind of glory.

Bursting through the surface of the ocean, droplets of water going to and fro as his glorious mane of hair shakes with rage, Jarek let’s out a shriek if rage, laying down covering fire, drawing the attention of his enemies away from his comrades as they whisk away into the night. As bullet by bullet exits his pistol, his enemies confused as to the direction of fire, Jarek becomes more and more enraged, rising and exposing his body even more as he tries to engage his enemies.

With the enemy finally realizing what is happening, they begin to engage in combat with Jarek. With his attention drawn to his fellow comrades escaping, Jarek takes a round to the upper left part of his shoulder. Just a graze but still painful, nonetheless. As the last of his comrades fade off into the distance, Jarek understands his mission has come to an end. Exposing his body even further and swimming toward his enemies, Jarek continues to take round after round until finally his vision goes dark and he begins to sink to the bottom of the ocean. And so lies Jarek, at the bottom of Shipyard Ocean, remembered for his heroic efforts and his legendary diamond ability - Rambo Rage!

RIP Jarek

TL/DR - found a pretty cool bug and made up a fun story that you missed because it was too long and you didn’t read it. Shame on you.


This is great, I shared it with the team!


Thanks man. I have a good time coming up with funny stories and messages in chat. Figured it was about time to start posting here. Either way, was funny to see it happen and fun little glitch. It’s happened once before, same level but different hero and I was hidden inside a shipping container.

dang, that’s some next level cover lol

Combining Hero Hunters with Fortnite. Well played sir. Well played.

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Cool post and I enjoyed reading it…

… but how did Cinder self revive at 1.44?!

Another story for another time. Patience young padawan.

Screenshots weren’t posted in the exact way, the second is supposed to be the first one
(1:44 > 1:12 > 1:05)

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Way to ruin the secret. Jeez man. Let me guess. You pop all the kids bubbles at the birthday party too. Hurts deep.

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Sorry dude, never got invited to this kind of parties…
Just wanna try to help people, but maybe her diamond ability as the title said :3

Excuse me sir
Your jarek wouldn’t have died
If. You used the used the right comp don’t getme wrong you have noice heroes
Jarek needs a stun comp
Cough mauler cough (or just anyone with stun
Rember jarek has a massive for claw for a arm and your comp has led to him ending up in the sea. He is Imbalenced he can’t swim and he drowned
Trust me my cinder ended up in a barrel because I used the wrong comp the barrel didn’t save me. And as soon as she died she was sent to orbit
The moral is comps matter bro and jareks can’t swim

You must not know Jareks past history prior to joining the KLG Irregulars. Let me digress while I fill you in on his glorious backstory.

Jarek was a young lad when he first came to realize he had a knack for swimming. Growing up in the shore town of Likokuu on Pemba Island in Zanzibar, Jarek’s family made their living as fishermen. Jareks ancestors long told of stories of heroics sea battles between pirates and local natives. It was rumored that millions of golden coins lay at the bottom of the ocean near his village. When he would accompany his father on fishing excursions, he would find himself drawn to the depths of the ocean, dreaming of the fortune that lay beneath the shimmering blue waves. As he grew older, his father would allow him to dive from the edge of the small fishing boat to explore the ocean floor. His many diving expeditions off the side of the boat led to him growing stronger as a swimmer and diver. Local lore has it that Jarek holds the unofficial free diver record of 46m!

In his teens, it is believed he finally found a portion of that hidden treasure. One day, he began building a contraption in a small hut on the shoreline close to the docks where his fathers boat was tied up. The contraption was simple in nature and served one purpose - to extend his reach far beyond humanely possible in order to allow him to grab the treasure that was just beyond his unnatural diving depth.

The Claw, as it came known to be, was very rudimentary but could be shot over 50m with an accuracy of approximately 1m. However, it was prone to malfunctioning and misfiring. There were many tales of torpedo-like missiles sinking fishermen boats with rumors going around that it was Jareks Claw which was the culprit.

While the Claw was cumbersome, Jarek’s strength and uncanny ability to swim and dive long distances made up for its weight. To improve his endurance while wielding the Claw, he would swim for 10 hours a day without a break. His only frustration was that imthe Claw was a contraption that he had to insert his hand into and was prone to slipping off while he swam.

One fateful night, a night that is believed to have changed his path in life and brought him to the KLG Irregulars. Accompanying his father on a late night fishing trip, Jarek brought his Claw along with him with the intent of finally retrieving some of the wealth that lay on the ocean floor. He wanted to get his family out from a life of poverty and provide for them so his father would not have to rely on fishing to put food on the table.

The seas were rough that night but it did not deter them from going out. They were low on food and money and needed this trip to hold them over for the week.

About an hour into their expedition, a huge wave came out and capsized the boat. His father, trapped in the fishing net, began to panic and sink beneath the waves. Jarek, having been hit in the head with one of the paddles, was trying to get his bearings straight and assess the situation. It finally dawned on him that he couldnt find his father and he must have gone under. With his Claw attached, Jarek’s dived beneath the ocean waves, searching madly for his father. He saw a shadow frantically reaching out, trying to grasp onto something. The shadows movements began to slow at which time Jarek realized he only had moments to spare. The shadows began to sink lower and lower and its movements became slower. Jarek thrust his Claw out in front of him and shot it forth, waiting for the familiar clank that accompanied the Claw grabbing its target. What seemed like an eternity passed and no sound came. The Claw came to the end of its chain and began to reel back in. Frantic, Jarek shot the Claw our one more time in the direction of the shadow. However, this time it misfired and the whole Claw loosened from his grasp and shot off into the abyss. Out of breath, Jarek swam back to the surface, howling into the night in a bout of sadness at the loss of his father.

Not much was here if Jarek after that fateful night. It is rumored amongst the villagers that Jarek returned to his hut, building a new And improved Claw that became a part of him. Folk lore has it that he welded the Claw to his arm so it would never leave his side again, something he blames for the loss of his father.

Many years passed before Jarek appeared again in public. He found a new family in the KLG Irregulars, promised vast amounts of wealth in return for his servitude. And so his new chapter in life began.

So there you have it. It wasn’t that his comp was bad or he didn’t know how to swim.

TL/DR - you missed another epic tale. Shame on you.


But little did jarek know physics joined and the claw caused an Imbalence meaning that any attempts for jarek to swim would result in death
Also as unfortunate luck would have it jarek still remained in poverty due marvel consistently demanding for money die to his side burns
Now jarek is poor and cold he is homeless as the other klgs quickly grew uncomfortable with the sight of the mostly topless short and slightly fat 40 Yr old jarek was
After a few days jarek would be called to a fight he would be placed in a very meh team simply jarek couldn’t take it anymore and allowed a bug to happen meaning he would end up in the sea as physics took over resulting in jarek being Imbalenced and jarek having difficulty to breath and cardio problems due to being short and fat jarek simply submerged and drowned
Tl:dr your epic tale has been made to a sad tale

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I pray to the almighty HotHead gods that you don’t write children’s books. Remind me to never invite you to my kids party. Or tell you about anything good that happened. Or just talk positive to you.

In fact, I now dub thee Eeyore.

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