If there is one thing I can say for certain is that only 1% of the people who have Serial spent more than $100 to get him…

They couldn’t have made it easier to unlock him compared to other 7* in the past, so honestly your complaining about there being a maximum gold you need to spend to unlock him is useless :man_shrugging:

Abri 60 baus e não veio ele que merda de seleção é essa enquanto contas alagas abre 2…3 já tiram por acaso vcs seleciona quem recebe e quem não ?sinceramente estou bem desapontado gastei alto pois sou de outro país abri 60 baus e nada mais parei meus gastos serial não vale o que custa

That’s how RNG works, sometimes you win and sometimes you don’t. You didn’t need to open 60 crates, if you spent that much then that is your personal decision. I think a lot set themselves a limit to how much they were willing to spend to unlock him and got lucky with the blitz and good special offers.

Sorte? Não vi nada de sorte tenho muito tempo nesse jogo o mais interessante é que só tiveram sorte os que tem conta forte que conheço ou tudo full engraçado né porém todos que conheço que gastou como eu não tiveram a mesma sorte kkkkkkkk sensacional mais já as contas grandes dos jogadores que conheço todas pegaram

I don’t know what more to tell you, there is nothing fishy going on with the big accounts. I know plenty who haven’t unlocked Serial. You might be looking more at the correlation between the size of an account and the person willing to spend however. Larger accounts have been playing longer and are willing to spend money more often than not. But that doesn’t change the RNG aspect, all it takes is some luck and gold

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Kkkkkkkkkkkkkkk okay vou fingir que acredito nisso mais se depender de mim não gasto mais tão cedo não caio mais nessa pegadinha e outra que tem conta full não gasta uma vez que qualquer coisa que faça ganha benefícios mais acho que vip15 vale mais para pessoal que vip13 ou vip14 ou sem vip kkkkkkk

Or this new hero. Or Alvarez. Silencers.

I love Serial. Been using him with Min for some interesting match ups.

And if Alcatraz will be the counter to serial then a 7* hero will be at the injury team with the other bio heroes. Not even on the bench :joy:
How’s the ruby skill doing @USMARINE. Any difference on that? Already level 100. Congrats

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Totally agree Marine, Serial should be every bit as strong and imposing as Kurtz was when he was initially released. I also am disappointed in Serial, I was expecting more. Thanks for allowing us to comment

I’ve noticed that even leaving serial to kill last so his platinum skill won’t kill any of my heroes. It does actually still takes a hero with him. And I still lost a live in one of my heros. I don’t know if that is how it supposed to be. Even as last hero his platinum skill (you’re coming with me) still works and your hero dies. In the same second you get instant kill and you win anyway but still loose the hero that killed him.