War Season 26 - Serial

I respect all the decisions of devs but there are decisions i don’t understand.
Taking out Serial from the war prizes and let more older heroes like Kurtz and Hideo is one of them and i disagree.
For sure that more players have Kurtz than Serial and this kind of decisions only makes players unhappy.
I was 65 frags from having Serial and now i need to wait some months until he will be in the crates and then i need to have the luck to win him. Will be much more difficult to evolve in the game, specially on extreme levels.
As i say before i respect all the decisions, but as a VIP10 member, i decided to don’t expend more money in this game.
I hope that devs listen all kind of members and not only some special members.

I totally agree with you and I share the same opinion. I’am closer to win serial, not so close like you, but close enough to get him on few mounths, and now, the dev’s do this?
I’am a level 11 vip, and I don’t will spend more money on this game, don’t really deserves my money and my time…

I’m sure the devs will make serial available in the crates soon. That’s what they did with Kurtz when they switched the rewards from Kurtz to Serial.

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3 months later :wink: for the intel that i gather.

Kurtz was added in crstes immediately how start next season with Serial. I think this time will be same boat.

We generally try to release a new War Hero every year. Serial got an extended runway, which allowed more players to earn him. There may be ways to earn him in the future, but we can’t promise anything or discuss future plans, if any. We had an overwhelming majority of players complain about War rewards, and the demand for a new Hero was extremely high. That doesn’t mean the last Hero will always become grindable or easy to obtain.

Basically, if you’re interested in a Hero, try to get them any way you can. Don’t count on easy paths opening up in the future!


Thanks for the reply and i understand everything you said. Only don’t understand why not take Kurtz or Hideo instead.
But let us see what the future bring :wink:

I agree I’m one of the biggest spenders in game for sure and I don’t need serial but I’m thinking to stop spending just to back you guys up on this this is not a good idea and they know it not cool Dev’s I sure hope you all listen to us and keep serial frags in war for these folks who been saving for a year

Changed needed to happen and the majority of HH players are extremely excited for the new war hero, her skills, and War will be competitive again. This is one of the best updates in a LONG time.

So you ty Devs for the awesome update, two new awesome hero’s, and giving players something to fight for in war.


Cereal has been the war hero for way too long. May need to find a better alliance if you haven’t unlocked him yet. To quote heimlock “get gud”

This issue will go on for ever. Whenever it is someone will always be close. Serial has been here long enough for me to miss several seasons. Then get him. And then play with him for several seasons. Players have had enough time to gather him. It’s time for change.

A way to fix this would be to add serial in some crates. I’m sure then we will get complaints about serial ‘only’ being available in crates. There will always be complaints. Sometimes you have to live with a decision other people make

Besides that i want to state that this general topic has been created yesterday and it’s still open

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I have one 10 star hero but zero ways of getting heronium.

Devs give me a way to earn fragments of serial to get heronium. At least add him in some crate.

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