Serial bug

I’m having a problem with my Serial, when he uses his silver skill, he can’t hit anything, causing zero damage, even to cover, he even looks like he shooting at nothing, I’ve tried to use him on 1-1 too, but his silver skill does nothing, like firing blank bullets, but when he not using his silver skill, he still do damage normally, is this a bug or something?

I guess by hh’s logic… As serial is a beast one… So, u gotta use him manually when u r using his silver… & don’t be lazy bro… U know serial is just awesome …u can use him manually to put some efforts… Become more active & put some more efforts, ok?

And soon u’ll find some more things where hh wanna try to convey users to become more active… It’s not about making things inconvenient & Letting players waste their time… Due to covid,players are in room & doing unproductive things a lot… That’s why devs are telling us indirectly to at least do some extra stuffs in game so, we can invest more time in game & do more work(it’s finger exercise but, atleast it’s an exercise)
Burn calories & get fitter… Have a great day!


Now I’ve seen it all. LazyCommander telling people not to be lazy. :wink:


We did not make a conscious decision to make people play the game manually as opposed to Auto by adjusting certain abilities. You’re free to speculate so long as you frame it as such.


So…why my Serial being like that when he uses his silver skill?


I also face the same problem. From what I heard many has this problem where serial doesn’t do any damage when his silver skill is activated in auto


Feel relief to hear that I’m not the only one

I am defending my existence… There’s should be 1 & only 1 lazy


I do experience the same thing when it is in auto, doing nearly zero damage.


he may have a cold :rofl::rofl::rofl:

The AI isn’t always the best shot. For best results, we do recommend manual play. I was addressing the notion that this is something new we designed for the pandemic, or something.

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So silver skill not doing damage in auto won’t be fixed?

I guess,it’ll…but,You have to be patient :slightly_smiling_face:

What’s your in game nick

No, it won’t be “fixed” because it’s not broken. Sometimes you just gotta learn to drive a stick shift……

Auto play will shoot cover when the enemy is crouched, even an enemy that is 7 feet tall and a level below you that couldn’t hide behind cover if they tried will be “behind cover” to autoplay. Autoplay will also shoot posts, stanchions, and other solid objects that are between you and the target and completely waste ammo. Autoplay also won’t stop firing so when the enemy ducks or has a solid object between them and you, your character will happily waste ammo on these objects like it is it’s job or something. Additionally, Serial does about no damage at all to cover when he does hit cover, as is the same for all DPS heroes. And finally, autoplay can’t shoot for crap when the enemy is up and open anyway.

If you put all that together your autoplay Serial will be vastly ineffective as a DPS hero, especially when complared to a manually played and aimed Serial. There ARE other heroes that do well when left alone, such as Baron, who’s job is to just shoot and he does significant damage to cover so when he does hit cover he basically goes through it and hits the target anyway. Serial is not like that, nor should he be.

On the contrary, it’s very much broken - how can you reason that it’s fair to remove a whole magazine of damage when you’ve just waited for a silver skill to charge, that’s supposed to do the opposite, purely because of autoplay?


OK, let’s play the “reasoning” game. I reason that if I am going to actually pilot my characters and invest time actually playing while you spamautoplay and make toast then my Serial should be more effective than your Serial.

BUT, all I was trying to inform you about was how heroes behave on autoplay. I made no inferences to fairness because none was necessary. It’s simply factual that YOU can aim your heroes better than autoplay can. YOU will charge skills faster and be more effective actually playing your heroes. This game is not “Idle Heroes” or any other set it and forget it game.

Play your Serial and you’ll find he does amazing things.


And when I say it’s not broken I’m referring to this :point_up_2: Serial’s silver skill does damage on autoplay…IF he hits the target, which he most certainly will do better if you play him.

You’re massively missing the point, we aren’t saying piloted should be better than auto. We are saying it’s an issue that auto serial can’t hit shots with his silver, thus making him worse than he should be when autoplayed - either make it intentional and include it in the ability description, or make it so the bullets can land when an AI is on serial.

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But I AM saying piloted should be better than auto, because i’m investing time and skill. And auto Serial absolutely does hit shots with his silver in auto…when the AI is not hitting cover or just missing because auto is not meant to be better than manual.

:point_up_2: Um…just go ahead and make it a part of every hero description in your head then, because every hero in the game hits cover and misses in general more than they would if you piloted them and aimed.

And then I thought to myself, are they talking about an actual bug…which I should have known from the thread title and tested it before speaking…that’s my bad.

So I tested it and ran some missions with serial on auto. He hits with his silver skill just fine as long as the target isn’t behind cover. So, not a bug.