Discord - is it safe

Good day to you all :slightly_smiling_face:

Just a quick question - I’ve never used Discord - is it safe to use, in this world of cyber attacks…

Sorry if this seems infantile - but I’m not as tech savvy as you lot :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:




yes its completely safe

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…thanks for your reply, mate…and the re-assurance…

Discord is very safe, especially on the Hero Hunters server it is managed and moderated by HHG and community members. We make it a safe and welcoming place for all!

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…thanks Gale…

I’ll join later - after I’ve finished work :laughing:

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There are also notification, DM, and other settings you can adjust to give you more privacy. You can set yourself as “invisible”, which doesn’t let any other online member see that you’re online. Lots of ways you can join in on the conversation without being front and center.

I find discord to be a pretty fun place to connect with other players, plus the emojis and gifs make it all the more interactive.

Adding onto that, if you are scared of being privately messaged, you can turn that off so you can’t receive them from people who are in the server and not on your friend list

Mine don’t open just spins

Have you made an account and verified your email?

I am not sure how do you sign up for that

Honestly, it depends on your definition of safe. In the realm of the interconnected, it’s only ‘safe’ until it’s not. With that said, I haven’t picked up on anything security-wise. But I’ve been out of that space for awhile. Welcome to the community

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It’s very safe, but there can be a few things to watch out for.
Basically, watch out for people friending you or DMing you that you don’t know. Don’t friend or respond to anyone like that, they could be hackers basically wanting to know if you are a real account (it happens a lot more then you think.)
And just in general, don’t reveal any personal information you aren’t comfortable sharing, a lot of people are cool if you just say you don’t want to share that

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Download the app from the App Store and it will ask you to register and create an account.

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