Kicked from discord?

I recently logged into my discord and noticed the discord server wasn’t there anymore. I never received any messages saying I got kicked or anything and I rearly even chatted. No way of knowing what I did to get kicked

Isn’t that more of a discord problem not a Hero hunters game issue? If its a hero hunters discord server then… Idk

Was just curious is all ran by same mods. It it’s a glitch then whatever. But if I was kicked wouldn’t I get a notification or somethign

Send me a message on discord @PeterCousins#7800 I will see what’s going on

have you picked a role?

Picked a role? What do you mean

The Discord server is community owned and run. Hothead can’t really troubleshoot or answer questions about a fan-run Discord, even if we do hang out there. Thanks.

Aren’t you guys the mods on it and run it?

We’re mods, but we don’t own/run the server. It’s owned and operated by players, as per my last message. We have no say in the running of the Discord, or any of its policies, as it’s an autonomous player group. We’re happy to be a part of it, but we don’t run it.

All good thanks for the info and time

If there are ever any issues message me and I will find out what is going on, don’t disturb the devs about the discord they are just there to show they are part of the community and interact with us

This is a forum for the game I was just asking about it no need to be rude

That wasn’t a rude comment? It was instructions?