Discord PVP Tournament last call

Hello everyone,
You all may not recognize me, but I’m the owner of the community discord server for the game. The tournament will begin tomorrow. I just want to come out of hiding and say that since this tournament is run and created by us, the mods on Discord (Hothead just provides rewards), we require you to at least show yourself on the Discord as well. It seems we have gotten a lot of new members because of the tournament, and this just a quick reminder for people who are new and want to join the tournament and just joined the server and/or have only registered on Battlefy, don’t forget to sign up in the #tournament-signups channel too! This is so it can be easier for you to contact with other players and is the mods, with you. We’re all friendly in the discord server, so feel free to join us!

Discord link is here: https://discord.gg/ggMwWwJ
Battlefy link: https://battlefy.com/hh-discord/second-hero-hunters-discord-tournament/5e8383c4279f3f106eaace4f/info?infoTab=details