PVP Tournament on Discord! ~ With in game rewards ;)

The discord and forums have never been more alive than ever thanks to the easter egg hunt currently going on, I am going to keep that ball rolling by announcing we will once again be doing a discord PVP tournament, some of your may remember the last one as well from a looooong time ago. You have to enter yourself on discord in the #tournament-room channel and on Battefy and you will be pitted against other players who have entered.

Please follow these instructions which can be found in #tournament-signups on the community server. You MUST register on battefy to enter the tournament (Link at the end of this thread)

This tournament is running from April 5th to April 11th over the course of a week.

Tournament FAQ:
Q: How will the tournament go and what is required?
A: As of right now the plan is to make the tournament gold only. Skills are optional. It will be a 1v1 elimination style bracket. 1st-3rd place matches may be best of 3 (still unconfirmed atm). We may have tournaments with special requirements later, but all normal tournaments will be GOLD only.

Q: Are there any participation rewards?
A: No. As more questions come up, this FAQ will be updated accordingly.

Q: Are there any participation rewards?
A: No. Only the winners get rewards

I am sure you are all wondering what the rewards are. So far the discussed rewards are as follows:

1st place: 10 Gilded tokens
2nd place: 10 Alcatraz tokens
3rd place: 10 Hero crate tokens.

Please use this link to join the community discord and sign up if you’re interested. If you enter and fail to proceed with your matches within a timely manner then you will be forfeit and you opponent will move up.

On a final note, I know times are tough and the world is in a crazy state of uncertainty but as a community we can come together and still have fun, you may even make some new friends and meet new and prominent members of the community this way!

Happy hunting! if you have any questions feel free to ask on this thread or ask in #tournament-room on the community discord server.

Battefy link: https://battlefy.com/hh-discord/second-hero-hunters-discord-tournament/5e8383c4279f3f106eaace4f/info?infoTab=details

Discord server link: https://discordapp.com/invite/ggMwWwJ


What do you mean gold only? You have to spend gold to participate?

No, the duels will be normalized at Gold level, so there will be no platinum duels to make them more skill based with weaker heroes. You don’t need to spend any gold :smiley:

Ah thanks for the clarification

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Thanks Ghastly!! :).

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The 5th-11th? How are the time of the matches going to work?

The 5th is an when it starts, it may run over the week time frame depending on how many players are involved. So the 11th is the week mark that we would ideally like to finish but if not then we will go past the 11th until the event is done. Those who don’t reply in 24-36 hours will be forfeit from their chance. The website organises who you are to be dueling and you need to duel them in game, the winner posts the screenshot on discord and they are moved up a rank. Once all have entered the new rank then those first round winners will duel. This means it is entirely dependent on how many people apply but i suspect we can finish a round in 24-48 hours.

Will it be ingame event or all on discord

Battlefy organises who you will be dueling and you post a screenshot of who won on discord then one of the mods moves you to the next round. All matches are done in game through the duel system

how many fights do you have to play with the enemy?

I use a translator. I know English bad. if not difficult, can someone tell me if I registered correctly? am i taking part?

Beautiful initiative Gale!

We have not yet decided if it will be best of 3 or single matches. It will likely be a best of 3 situation for those who want more than one match with their opponent.

So 3 potential matches per opponent and then you move up in rank when you win then you get matched again and again until the end of the week and that determines 1st-3rd place in rank out of all of the participants for the rewards? Do you get matched right after you send a screenshot? Is it similar to a pvp tournament where people who play and win as many matches as possible determines the amount of points they get for the 1st-3rd place?

No it is a basic branch duel, please see the image attached maybe that will explain it more. Whoever is the winner of your duel (whether that’s best of 1 or 3) is moved into the next round. So it is only based on skill and you beating your opponent.

Once you have entered you will be placed against your opponent and you have 36 hours to complete your duel, if your opponent or yourself fails to do this then the match is forfeit and the person waiting to duel is moved up.

Matches begin on the 5th (this sunday)

A reminder to everyone who has signed up that the event starts on SUNDAY 5th. Please make sure you are signed up on Battlefy if you want to partake!

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munnin's favorite gif

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Will rolling be allowed?

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LMAOO rolling would win anyone the tournament. There should be a limit placed

I can’t stop people rolling, but if there is a dispute then a best 2 out of 3 system will be used. Rolling is not banned but rematches can be enforced at the digression of the mods