Duel against Bots

I mentioned it in some threats before, but now that more and more heroes get a reliable PvP option I want to bring it back again. It would be great to have the option to play PvP whenever you want as much as you want to test out new team loadouts.

So why not use the free play option?
Free play is limited to three lifes per hero. So if a team does not work you already lost one life of your heroes. Sometimes you may meet that one team or player who does find the weak spot in your build and again a life is lost. What I want to point out is, that in free play it takes some resets to really test out a team. And some resets add up to some days.

So why not use the duel with a friend option?
You do not face the trouble ith losing heroes lifes so you can test them out endlessly. Only limited by the time your friend has. And that is the big down in it. How often do both of you, at the same time, have time to test loadouts. You have the loadout screen, both of you have to go through, that takes time and costs data if no wifi is avaliable. To find a decent team it can take hours this way and if you have a life besides hunting it will drag out in days too. You can use it to put your team to the final test, but for the basic testing it is a insufficient option.

So what do we do about it?
Introduce a duel against bots. You could test whenever you want to and, if it is implemented the right way, wherever you want, without using your data. It would work like the normal duel, with a loadout screen for you and a second one where you can select the bots heroes or just randomize them.

Do we really need this? My team works perfedt anyway
Yes we need this. As some stated in other threads, they are fooling around with teams, testing new teams. If it would be easier to do the testing more would do that and the variety in teams would increase, therefore PvP would get less boring. Even with the role warfare only a third or halfway done there are many interesting synergy options worth to be tested and played.

Wouldn´t it take forever to introduce?
As I am not really familiar with coding I can not say this for sure, but we already have everything we need. We have the duel option and we have bots. To put both of this together should be possible and ready for rollout this year.

I like the idea, what should I do?
Like this post and give feedback. The more traffic there is in this thread the better it is to show the Devs, that the community really wants this.

I do not like the idea, what should I do?
Also give feedback, because there may are other possibilities to make team testing easier avaliable for everyone and we may can put together a perfect way to do.


He already wrote that in the “So what do we do about it?” section.

I like this idea, and I don’t think it’d take too long to implement.

yep, see that now. comment removed

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Yes I (among others) have also mentioned this in the past prior to duels being implemented. I assumed that duels was their response to that.

I disagree with your conclusion that it is “an insufficient option”. It may not be the be-all-end-all option, but it is far from insufficient. However, having the ability to duel bots would certainly make it better for composition testing.


Insufficient may was the wrong word. Impractical would be better.

I do not want to let it die so fast, so I give it a little push :grimacing:

I need this. I totally do.

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