Bot “pvp” arena

I was just thinking that it would be great to have a bot “pvp” arena option, where you only fight bot teams. I still enjoy fighting bot teams, some are tough, some aren’t, but at least there’s variety in who I fight. I would also enjoy running my less used heroes against bot teams knowing that every match isn’t going to be against some min/maxer running his 15k power plat 2 Panzer with a bunch of scrubs to screw me over.

And the bright side? The min/max problem can just be ignored. Let the tool pool fight their twink teams against each other for better rewards if you like, but I’d like a venue that makes pvp fun again and I think a bot arena is the quick fix.


This is actually an amazing idea. The only thing that would be difficult is the rewards system. Maybe make the frags cost double in that store? And have a separate refresh on them as well. But then again that might not work. Just spitballing though.

Not another store please thanks! :open_mouth:

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I honestly dont mind fighting bots. They have a wide range of toon selection than humans. It makes fights more interesting, and they have more or less balanced teams.

I personally would prefer fighting bots. Im not interested in PVP to be honest. It’s so repetitive and grindy even the pvp events feel meh. The rankings are also too skewed and grind heavy. Poor us who needs to work haha

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I would like to see a bot arena just to goof around. Try out new heroes and loadouts. No rewards. Just a playground for fun. Like the matches you can already do, but with bots.

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Nah. Too much of the game is based around pvp rewards. I’ll take 50% of the gems that real pvp arena offers for a bot match. No reward is a waste of time and I hate the current pvp, so I’m looking for an alternative. If I want to test things, I can free challenge people in my alliance.


Bot matches are to easy to win. If you play with mandrake in your team, you will almost never lose. The matches you can do won’t be determined by your pvp lifes but by the time you are willing to invest.

Yes you can challenge them. But do they always have the time and patience to run with you through your testing? Having the possibility to test whenever you want to would be a good addition.

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Sounds like you are describing the Gauntlet… lol

Fine by me. Call it Gauntlet 2 and beef the bots. Give me 3 (4) hearts per hero, pvp gems as rewards and let me spend my pvp time in there… pve-ing. :joy:

But gauntlet is. . lame. And have way too underpowered toons haha it’s so repetitive it deserves to be auto-able like in star wars galaxy of heroes.

You would never lose your hearts then, unless they faced you vs teams MUCH higher than yourself.

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