EggHint for EggHunt - Part 3

More hints coming your way!

Common Egg #19 β€” District 4 - Mission 4 Normal mode. Use your backline hero in the second wave. Make sure to move to your left and have a careful look around. The shack looks kind of suspicious, don’t you think? :thinking:

Rare Egg #79 β€” District 9 - Mission 5 Normal mode. Use your backline hero in the second wave and hurry up a little because no one likes overcooked eggs. :smirk:

Rare Egg #83 β€” District 10 - Mission 7 Hard mode. Use your frontline hero in the second wave. You’re not letting some barrels get in the way, right?

Legendary Egg #100 β€” District 6 - Mission 3 Normal mode. Use your midline hero in the third wave. See those barricades? You don’t need them :wink:

The Editors are counting on you!

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Egg #19

Egg #83

#79, 9-5 Hard, Rearline, Wave 1 or 2, move all the way left and look down to the right. The egg is small and in the burning canister.

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