EggHint #welostcount

Hunters! You’re almost there with the Egg Hunt!

Let’s have some more hints and we know you can do it!

Common Egg #45 — District 8 - Mission 6 Normal mode. You can use all your heroes in the second wave. Look at the door. See? Lights are hiding something!

Common Egg #50 — District 10 - Mission 7 Normal mode. Frontline heroes are the best choice here. Go through the trees and take a closer look at the watchtower.

Common Egg #60 — District 12 - Mission 5 Hard mode. Wave 1, a backline hero: turn max right. Anything there?

Rare Egg #65 — District 2 - Mission 8 Hard mode. You better take a midline hero, turn right. See that fancy yellow taxi? Break it!

Rare Egg #70 — District 4 - Mission 10 Hard mode. Take a backline hero in the first wave and go max left. Isn’t this wooden barrel with the blue cloth looks odd?


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