Fan Content Kit Update


A lot of you never cease to impress both me and the team with your creativity! The recent contests were one more example of that!

I am incredibly happy when I see any kind of Hero Hunters fan content and that’s why I think you should have even more assets to work with! I’m pleased to announce an update to the Fan Content Kit (pt2)!

What’s new?

You will find new subfolders in the following Fan Kit folders:

  • Hero PNGs
  • Wallpapers
  • BGs from districts

They include more than 150 new files, including loading screens and 2D art panels, more district backgrounds, and renders of all Heroes and skins released last year and in the beginning of this year!

P.S. Since the 7.9 Update is coming soon, I have left you a small easter egg or two in one of the folders for something which will be coming with the update :stuck_out_tongue:

Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to fulfil all of your special requests - things like audio files with Hero voicelines or 3D models are off limits, however as per some special requests, in the Hero PNGs section, Clyde with “Lone Outlaw” and Fortress with “Gallahad” skins were included.

As a reminder, here’s where you can access the Fan Content Kits:

Fan Content Kit part 1:

Fan Content Kit part 2:

Thank you all for your continuous support!


Fan kit update looks smart, thank you.

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Thanks to this, I was able to change my pfp, and profile header, to my liking. Many thanks!

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