Fan Content Kit pt.2


A lot of you creative people have been asking for an update for the fan content kit and I’m happy to say…here it is!

This will be a completely separate fan kit, but you can count it as a part 2 to the previous one, which is still available for you to use.

What pt.2 of the fan kit will include:

  • Wallpapers
  • Various backgrounds from Districts
  • PNGs of all Heroes starting after the last added Hero in the previous Fan Kit until now
  • Coloring pages of some recent Heroes
  • Icons of Astral, Void, and Ethereal frags
  • Skill icons of some recent Heroes

P.S. It is not too extensive for now, but if you have any requests on what else can be added to it (except new Heroes in due time), please let me know! I am not sure when it will be possible to update it, but I’m hoping for a bi-yearly or yearly update.

You can find part 2 of the Fan Content Kit here:

And the previous one you can still access from here:


Nice! Can you add the sound effects from the game to the kit? I would love to have Cross and his laugh or Sirens theme music as a ringtone. Love these kits and the art, but I cannot express how disappointed I am that there is no Cross coloring page… lol. Show my boy some love! EDIT: It would also be cool if there were .zip files of the entire content of the kits so we don’t have to download each item individually.

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