Filter and display options

I have seen that there are closed Topics to this theme, but I want to take it up again.


1.1 Filter and Display options in the Heroes Overview
Here I would like a filter to select by the following criteria:

  • element
  • faction
  • stars

Then from here the jump to the hero and its processing should be possible.

2.1 Equipment!
You can get to the overviews of which equipment you have and how much of it by entering AWar and War Coins. But I would like to see that in a master overview. It would be ideal if you could see from this overview where to find the item in hard mode or normal mode by tapping on an item. To be able to jump there would be the icing on the cake.

2.2 Gold, crystals, special tokens…etc.
By changing views like shop, crates etc. you can see your gold, number of crystals and crate tokens. I would also like to see this in a master overview.

If you want to filter by element then when you are placing or attacking a sector in war. You can click the different element icons on the top right and it will filter them.

To filter by faction you click on the [i] when looking at a hero then click the faction and you can see all the people who are in that faction.

There is no way to filter by stars but often you will find it linear where more stars have more power in comparison to bars.

When you click on an item that needs to be equipped you can see how many of that item you have and the location it can be found as well.

Hi Gale. I thank you for your answer. There are many roads leading to Rome. I know some possibilities, but I find it too complicated and I think it should be easier. I did not know about the filters of the elements in the war - but now there is no war … As I said - this is the Ideas and Feedback section, and I would like to see HH update it. I have all the heroes and they are all on platinum. When a new hero arrives, you suddenly realize that you have far too few fragments of big bullets in gold… (example). I’m in the phase where I can and want to plan more ahead and I think it’s possible, but complicated and in the end it’s not the biggest effort to make the selection more comfortable.

War is on most of the time, an alternative for filtering is have a look at your solo raids as they split by elements.

If you want to plan more ahead I would highly recommend joining the HH Discord where upgrade guides are posted every time a new hero is released. Popular options are by @II_BloodFest_II and Killer1.

I am also currently working on a guide that will incorporate these guides all in one place. Hope this helps you plan your upgrades in future :slight_smile:

Finally, I hope for an improvement by HH, which is why I am writing primarily as feedback to HH.

I been making my guide since day 1 of public release

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