Request: Ability to see factions in-game

In light of finding out this month is patriot month while on the forum, when I was in the game, I thought I’d check up on the stats of my Patriot heroes. Unfortunately, as far as I can tell, beyond seeing what faction a given hero is via their write-up, their isn’t much access to that information.

From the heroes page, the ability to filter :slight_smile:

Something like this is already somewhat built into the hero selection page before a match (dropdown in bottom right for front line vs rear vs mid). Having that filtering functionality on the actual hero page, however you could allow for the filter not only to be by ‘battle position’, you could instead choose to see heroes that match another characteristic as well. Eg:

  • battle position
  • faction
  • colour (I mean energy/mech/bio)
  • stars
  • level
  • rank
  • skill (eg healers)

Anyhow, just a thought!


I second this request. Or at least the tabs for mech/energy/bio, faction, and the type (healer/tank/support). Those tabs would be pretty useful


Tabs for Mech/Energy/Bio would be a great addition. :+1:

I’ve been thinking about this for a long time, would love to be able to filter heroes by 1) faction, 2) element.

The search bar can lead to many great discoveries :slight_smile:

Thats a great link, and I used it to search about factions a few timed

But we shouldnt have to look out of the game for such information, to be honest. Not if they are focusing most events around factions

Yup, agreed.
We need a faction/class/sort-by toggle switch.

You have been asking for a better display of Faction info and we are working on it.

We are currently are working on bringing the Faction information to an easier to reference location, as well as providing much more information about these Factions within the story. Features are subject to change; so sorry, no estimated time of arrival or specific promises at this time.

Hero Gallery filters are also hotly requested. However, they are a much larger addition that is extrwmely unlikely to make it into our next update.