Game crashes on PvP, Gauntlet and Coop after patch

Anyone else experiencing this? I think it could be Savage’s fault (whose model wont load correctly, only two flying guns)

Savage, Halloway, Surge and Galante are causing my game to crash 90% of the time. I can’t even pass one of the campaign missions, I think 9-3 where Savage is the boss with Matador cuz it keeps crashing. The 3 heroes I mentioned are just floating arms most of the time. I was really hoping they fixed Halloway, but now it’s 4 heroes that cause crashes. Devs I hope you guys read this.

I’ve cleared my cache, stopped all background apps from running and nothing works.

We’re looking into this, thanks for the information! Make sure you submit a ticket to Player Support so they can add information about your phone type to our bug report. It helps us narrow down the issue much more quickly.

Anyone has a work around to solve these crashes yet? I need to get passed mission 9-4 to farm certain Platinum items. In the mean time, could devs remove or at least reduce the chance of bots picking Galante, Savage, Halloway or Surge?

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