Game Crash

Does anyone else experience constant game crashes everytime they start a PVP match?

I’m just curious. I’m not sure if it is my phone, or the game.

Let me know any thoughts!

If its one of the big maps (beatdown, courtyard, smashdown) yes, these maps tend to cause lag and crashes for my phone, but for the other maps this rarely happens, and usually only when my phone is severely overheated :stuck_out_tongue:

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Have u tried to set the game graphic to low?

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I was having the same problem with my Crashpad. I call it Crashpad because it does that a lot. I set my graphics lower and that has helped, but hasn’t totally licked the problem.

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Yuhh me too (***************)

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Yes, I already have.

I realized it does it on my other phone as well. So it must be the software. This is unfortunate.

crash when co op…
crash when doing bounty…
I think it’s from HH server…
keeps disconnect our connection…

A crash is when the game quits back to your device’s home screen, or when the game freezes/hangs and becomes unresponsive, and you’re unable to regain control without quitting.

Disconnecting from the game servers or receiving sync errors doesn’t constitute a crash. Server outages or temporary loss of service rarely, if ever, cause a genuine crash. Not everything that happens that is negative qualifies as a crash.

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Hello, there is still a problem with your servers, because a slow loading on the hunt currently.

Please fix bounties and coops it takes time and when we complete a bounty then it show connection error

I am seeing 15-25 sec. delays and will join. Sometimes PVP fail back to bounty main. Joining PVP after program thinks I am active and hitting hunt says I am disconnected. Have to quit and renter for bounty to work.

Delay 100% of time
Bounty kick hand full of times

Seen across the alliance (geographically spread,TZ)

Seem to start 12/19 pm EST for me

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Whatever it may be is unfortunate. It’s very distracting.

It’s noproblem though. I’m still going to continue promoting and playing the game.

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