Getting matched up to a Team with 120k more total power in the new Co-op event

Our Co-op team of 29k was facing a certain team with 147k team power! This happened like five times .and it was the same team facing us.
This happened on a span of 20 minutes.
I got screenshots :

Please do look into it.

This topic has been posted numerous times.
You are getting punished by the system for having a pretty huge power difference between you and your teammate

So playing along with a fellow HH ally who you gel with ,wrong.The system adjusts opponents with our team power in mind - how is it cheating?

While this difference in power is common in random co raid.I get tagged along with 90 lvlrs in co raids - whr I never face such overpowering odds.

It’s simple. If the difference between your ally. Or your heroes is too much then it punishes you. It makes you face opponents that are much stronger and likely to defeat you.

It is not simple as that.The difference in heroes power is because I am using Heroes who have Event bonus.

So I played with a random player and Overwelming power difference again !

And here we go again.In order to avoid this I tried to quit after one game and play again every single time .worked for 3 games or so. Then the unbalanced team match spoils our mood again!
Why start a co pvp event if the game cannot do justice in balancing teams?



So you had a more fun experience.

But why have your and yr ally’s OP heroes, not been leveled up? :smiley:

Ok Robert so why when I play a balanced team do I get constantly matched up against unbalanced much higher level sandbag teams. Why are they not penalized .its because the match making system is broke . And not being fixed for what ever reason


Robert, sorry but you have no clue. You defended using green heroes with maxed out platinums only a few days ago saying that this is fine and the game works right. Now you’re back to the punished story…

And yet when Okelly and I play co-op pvp levelled up pretty close, meeting a ruby / low plat sandbag team you use the reason that we are getting penalized for our slight power difference.

Pick a story and stick with it


To many yes men defending a broken issue wont help getting anything done


This issue is one reason why I’m avoiding coop pvp, these kinds of mismatches completely break the gamemode.

Whether this is an swapping exploit by Ruby players or a whack bug I don’t know (I suspect the former) but getting this fixed should be a priority.


That’s not it dude, that’s way too whack of a mismatch for it to be a mere penalty.


It’s to bad because I look forward to playing with Sprite in the evenings in coop. The the issue just makes it frustrating


I remember way back in Terra alliance we thought for a goog pvp balance you had to be within 2k power between heros or you would get penalized. But now seem we are being told u have to be spot on power or your penalized. It’s always had issues but latley it’s so much worse. I dont know why HH refuses to fix it

He picked a story: he comments every single post on forums with “Everything is fine. It’s not broken. Everything is your fault.” while playing the smartest guy on earth.

To the topic: it is as it is: coop PvP is bugged or flawed and will be not commented from Devs anymore. Maybe they will do something on the algorithms but they don’t let us know.
Also we don’t know if this kind of topic will help on resolving the issue. Feel free to post more screenshots.




If that were the case, the other team should be the one getting penalized since their power difference is much larger than the losing team’s is. Unfortunately I think they don’t want to use bots for some reason so if they have the chance to match against real people, no matter the power difference, they will do it. I had to stop playing coop pvp earlier for the same reason. Low plat and gold teams should never get matched with multi-bar rubies no matter how they have chosen their team.

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Maybe it’s actually harder to find a partner close in power to you because your heroes’ power are low compared to most others (your partner’s Fiber and your other partner’s Krieger were the only ones above 10k power). Nothing to be ashamed about, but I think most people doing Co-op PVP are in the “8-10 star and platinum-through-plat+5” range.

At the same time, most people don’t have lvl 100, Ruby+5 heroes either. His partner was a pair of 30k power heroes. Those two were also unbalanced. You can’t go much higher than 40k, so I’m not sure how they handle punishment up there. Maybe sometimes they just put the two who don’t fit anywhere else, against each other and call it a day. I don’t know.

Not to mention the time of day. Most players are in the USA, so it’s probably harder to get a good match when it’s late in the USA.

Because of your low power (and maybe time of day), there’s a higher chance to end up unbalanced, and then the system looks for higher-powered opponents to punish you. However, your punishment should not have been that brutal.

A couple other things:

Co-op Raids just match you with whoever’s available. It’s nothing to do with power.

People want to use bonus heroes, so there’s a higher chance that a team will be unbalanced because of the bonus hero(es) they want to use. However, there is no preferential treatment for using bonus heroes. If a team is unbalanced, you will be punished, bonus heroes or not.

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