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Has anyone else seen issues with match making in terms of opponents with team score higher? To give e an example, the match I just played. My partner and I had a total of 53k combined power and the team we went up against had 135k!

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Well. Yes. This is a very global and discussed issue.
Usually this will occur when theres a visible difference between the power of either your 2 heroes or between your ally

And to make matters worse. You can face a max ruby team with all 5 bars while you use greenies

you should do a search for threads made about coop pvp. there is a lot of them.

i dont like that mode. so i just avoid it completely.


Ok…so it’s not just me. I’ve avoided CO-OP pvp because I saw it a couple of times. Now I know it’s just me. Thanks all.

Yet another thread on the shortcomings and mismatches of co-op pvp. Some things never change.

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Oh I can assure you I’m very aware of this issue, KHS. However the repeated posts only do so much, and the discussion always produces no beneficial outcome.

I wager that HHG knows about this ongoing issue; there’s a reason why I don’t bother with Coop pvp much.

That’s nuts to me that they would know about it and not fix it. While lower powered players are getting screwed. And while higher powered players cheat and are lazy.


Not everyone is lazy.
Laziness is an art & it requires years of training & practices.
The supremely important matter is that the art be performed in the most perfect, most polite, most graceful, most charming manner possible.

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Nobody here is an HH mod. I don’t know why people think Discord mods or Community Stars are in cahoots with the Devs.

Edit: I don’t know why issues like Co-op PVP matchmaking and server lag at reset time have stuck around for so long. They worked on regular PVP matchmaking before…

I really hope new game modes and other content are added soon (like this post), because not much is keeping me here at this point.

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You need a hug brother? Lmfao

:man_shrugging: lol!!!


Yea not going to lie the match making did frustrate me yesterday playing on a low account then getting matched with maxed out 100’s. I just said f it and I’ll wait till this event over, interesting enough it doesn’t happen much when it’s not a coop event active.

Now sure how they could fix it but if possible they should put a cap like if I am playing at combined 94k I shouldn’t face teams above 100k power that might help.

Head meet Sand. Sand meet Head

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I know right, they don’t tell me anything these days. :joy:


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