Getting No Help in Bounty Event?

Is your Alliance keeping up with you? Are you just destroying the bounties compared to everyone else? Check out Plague of Heroes, we are a rapidly growing team coordinating our kills and communicating with each other.

Don’t get swallowed up by a top team and play a bottom feeder. Don’t waste your time burning and churning just to get enough points to barely cover the minimums. We have open spots right now and we are rising up the charts. So far we have halved our rank from the last Bounty Event.

Best of all, we are pushing the developers to include clowns in the game. I mean, who doesn’t love shooting clowns. The things are crazy creepy and after watching “Killer Klowns from Outer Space” I couldn’t go to a circus and face paint gives me hives just seeing it. Unless it’s full body paint and then that’s another story…


We are still looking for Bounty Killers! We are currently at 20 members and we are just about to crack the top 500! Come join us and let’s see how high up the ladder we can make it. Plus we are offering free Prime Rib and a bottle of Bourbon for all our new members!

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