The Plague of Heroes

The Plague of Heroes is a newly formed Alliance and we are openly recruiting. Eicke and myself started the group after both failing to find an active alliance which actually communicated with each other. Our group is on multiple times per day and we coordinate with each other to setup Coop Raids and also encourage participation in the events.

If you are looking for a group with a fresh start and free of drama, come check us out. We are grinding, but still find the time to share tips, ideas, or maybe even a glass of Scotch and a fine cigar.

Come check us out and stay for the free booze and brownies!

Vini Vidi Vici


If your Alliance is not helping you out with the Bounty Event, come check out Plague of Heroes! We’re a newer alliance formed specifically for Bounties. We communicate and participate as a group. Right now we are top 600 with only 20 members. Come grow with us!

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