Gilded Event is priority to appear!

Dear HH staff,

It has been so long since we had our last Gilded Event. I am sure I am not alone in this when I say a gilded event might be top priority to appear and revitalize the player base! Personally I think we deserve it too, one of the tokens that actually took effort and activity to collect.

Thank you in advance,

Valkyrie Son


This topic has been discussed numerous times. Please check first before you post.

It is likely that a gilded event is to come since bounty and other events grant more gilded tokens

Just because we have more rewards around, it doesn’t mean we will have an event. I’m sure they’ll announce about any events ahead of time.


I definitely believe that. But since the previous gilded festivals we got extra gilded tokens in some rewards. So i dare to believe that maybe somewhere soon😋

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