Gilded Festival With No Golden Goose

Anyone else bugged by the fact that there is an event that gives bonus rewards for gilded tokens but doesn’t provide any additional ways to get them.


It has already gave 2 extra gilded coins that it doesn’t normally your post is wrong n just started


We need for tokens to be able to unlock fortress skin and not everyone can waste money. :man_facepalming:t2::man_facepalming:t2::man_shrugging:t2::man_shrugging:t2:


The event goes until June 8th. You’ll have plenty of opportunities to earn tokens in that timeframe.


They’re LITERALLY giving away free stuff to us as an entire community for 25+ days and you’re STILL complaining?!?!


I trust you. hope you all give opportunities free to play player to obtain more gilded tokens to obtain atlest that portrait to show everyone.

From the Update Notes:

If we are to get to 50 gilded tokens are we expected to complete milestone 1 in all events and purchase tokens or have some saved up already?

During the live stream I heard the dev say that gilded has been added to bounty rewards(even if for this month only its a help) so I expect enough tokens to reach the skin from events alone.

At what level of bounty though? Stuff like that is always tier 5 or higher.

Only thing i didn’t like about gilded event no new hero waste if you have all heros allready

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Indeed just heronium and frags

They should of introduced at least 2 new gilded hero’s for this. Also all rare skins for the gilded hero’s. Possibly give one a legendary skin. Spice it up. Maybe a gilded hero worth more than 4 stars? Idk something a tad bit extra.

The rewards will be good getting the gilded tokens that guarentee a gilded hero if you have all those then i guess you bank them for when a new one is released. Im just hoping there will be enough opportunity to earn gilded tokens without having to buy all offers to reach the 50 milestones.

Lol I highly doubt it. Would be nice but not holding my breathe

If you get all the tiers, you get a free seven star. Feels worth it.

Not got all 7 starz to 10 star nothing to gain for me

Highly doubtful. These events usually encourage people to spend real money. We will be lucky to get half way to 50 with what is supplied through special drops. So far we are nearly a week in and I haven’t noticed an increase in gilded tokens at all. I am guessing the bounty will only give around 5 or so, and we might have another event that gives a couple.

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with the May Event Calendar, you can see that there will be plenty of opportunities to score gilded tokens. Not to mention if you tune into the Twitch Streams, you have a chance to score gilded tokens.

Not everyone has the opportunity to join the twitch streams. I drive for work. So can’t watch it while I’m driving