Head over heals (KLG mastery)

We always started the month with an all heroes raid, while the fraction heroes had a bonus. The last raid always was a fraction only raid. This month it seems to be the other way around. Is it on purpose or by mistake?

I’m wondering the same. Discussed it a bit on Discord yesterday. I guess the November calendar is close to be revealed but I think the KLG “month” could very well be over already since it wasn’t presented as the next months faction but more like “the second October faction”.

The upcoming raid gives us the emblem to mark the end of the KLG period.

Any words from the Devs at discord?

It would really break the pattern if they do not choose KLG to be the featured fraction, since it always was the fraction of the coop raid hero and Anvil is still avaliable the next 25 days.

No word, I specifically asked the active developer but I also understood I wouldn’t get clarity. He said though that the November calendar is soon ready so I guess we just have to wait and see. I certainly don’t expect a new update before November and not a new hero to be released.

Soon sounds good, given that the last one ends tomorrow :sweat_smile:

I really do not want the next bounty to be KLG! Seriously it will be a crap bounty if it just KLG alone.

And you can’t even really bonus the other KLG sub-factions because Black Ops + Irregulars would lead to seriously too many bonus heroes (unlike UAF + UAFA which added just 3 more).

Maybe KLG and Mercs, for whatever reason… At least then Cross and Chester can get some playtime.

KLG willd do okay in bounty. Sure not as good as Magistrates, but they are the best damage dealing fraction, so no other will do as good.
Steels damage should be decent and Becks dps is not that bad either. Anvils damage should be good too.

KLG got a bad beat. Magistrates is just flat out a tough act to follow. Any other faction pales in comparison.

When the update dropped though, didn’t the update splash screen mention that KLG would be bonused for bounties etc… That would suggest that they are the Nov faction imo. I could totally be misremembering though.

Hmmmmm. I don’t remember. To be fair I don’t read those messages. If you remember it as you describe then I’ll trust this is correct. :slight_smile:

I am fairly positive KLG will be featured. However, the question is if they will couple Black Ops or Irregulars with it (similar to UAF and UAF Airborne coupling). This would help strengthen the roster for Bounties. Plus, they may release a new hero next month as a 5 star or just an extra. My guess is that it will be the masked guy we saw in the PVP Brawl video. He seems to have a similar flare to Yalong so I would lean towards Irregulars.

In any case, I hope its more than just lawgivers. They have a smaller roster and its fairly meh.

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What happened to the Beck solo raid? On my game it just got replaced by Steele?

Guess it really was a mistake since now it is not the mastery raid anymore

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wait so is KLG not the feature faction this month? What do you mean by not the mastery raid? Meaning the solo raid for frags?

He’s saying that the solo raid got changed. It’s no longer the mastery raid (since that normally comes at the end of the month)

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