The featured faction pattern... Part 2!

This is a spin-off of this thread:

I didn’t want to necro the thread but I am curious to hear if the original poster is willing to deny his theory or if he doesn’t think that KLG will be the next faction.

Can we - really - see a pattern in featured factions?

The “pattern” has been true if you look at Sept and Oct only. If it continued, then Shoremen would be November. So can we really see a pattern? Sure, if you call two elements a pattern. But it was already pushing it a bit to call that a pattern in the first place.

Yeah I think the UAF month recently also strayed from the pattern.

Nope, UAF followed it. It’s been two months so far and both were “correct”. In June, the faction brawl was against UAF and in July, it was against Mags.

Or the devs want us to see a pattern and change it 2 months later to make people go crazy, if that’s the case thank you devs! :rofl::rofl:

Honestly, that’s what I’m thinking too LMAO

Om Facebook they’re hinting a second October update with Anvil and a few skins included (3 heroes in a month, gosh). So probably or maybe KLG won’t be the next featured faction after all since it’s still October when the new KLG hero arrives.

The verbiage from the Anvil contest win message I got from Bella confirms that there will be a second October update.

Yeah and they’re probably not switching featured alliance mid-month. Don’t invest in your KLG yet.

@ULFPAM With Steele coming in PvP I think it’s klg, but if they use another featured faction they really want us to go crazy :rofl::rofl:

I must say if it’s not klg you got me