Hero Concept: Ballista

Name: Ballista

Element: Mechanical

Faction: Morlocks

Position: Rear Line

HP: 3/5

Armor: 3/5

Damage: 3/5

Skills: 3/5

Target profile: medium (similar to Bolt)

(DPS standard: 10 star, 0 bar, Platinum: 50,000)

Heavy Archer – Rear Line Support: Ballista serves a simple function in combat….pressure. “None shall rest but the dead.”

Bronze: (Slow charge, similar to Wesson / Avoidable, similar to Panzer). Ballista - Ballista fires a heavy spear-sized arrow that destroys any cover in front of the target, strikes the target, does damage equal to 4X the hero’s current DPS rate, and disorients the target for 4 seconds.

Silver: Bola Shot – Ballista fires a modified arrow that breaks apart in flight and releases a Bola that tracks the target dealing damage equal to .5X the hero’s current DPS rate and roots the target for 8 seconds.

Gold: Osmium Arrowheads : All normal rounds (arrows) penetrate cover and reduce cover health by half. (2 hits will destroy the cover).

Platinum: Encumberance : Every arrow strike is a foreign object now sticking out of the target and slows the target’s movement and fire rate by 1% to a maximum of 20%. The effect wears off at a rate of 1% every 5 seconds.

Ruby: Supported

Weapon: Neith Longbow

Rate of Fire: 1.5 rounds per second

Ammunition Capacity: 6 (see auto-feeding arm)

Reload Time: 1 second


Steampunk Art, artist unknown, link provided.