Hero Spotlight: Ballista


Send Help! He is a monst— .” was the last sentence received on comms before the largest active bandit encampment went silent forever. No one knew what happened. There were no survivors, only carnage remained where the encampment once stood.
Soon after, a new figure appeared in the mercenary world. No one knew where he came from or who he was, but it was rumored that he was the cause of it all. Described as a figure in something resembling an exoskeleton, wearing a spine-shivering mask and wielding a massive crossbow-like weapon, all imbued in void energy. He quickly came to be known as “Ballista”.

He is a man of few words, never having disclosed anything about his real name, origin, or goals. The only thing known of him is that he offers his services not for normal currency, but for Raw Heronium.

Everywhere he goes, death follows closely, which quickly got people in the mercenary world to refer to him as “death for hire”.
Some people speculate that he feeds on the Heronium he acquires, others say that he uses it to fuel somebody or something he holds dear. Whatever the case is, one thing is for certain. No matter the circumstances, he only looks out for himself and his mysterious goals.

Faction: Mercenary

Element: Void

Weapon: Crossbow

Ballista is the newest 5-star Hero to join the battle!


Void Surge
Bronze Skill - Active Ability

Void Surge: Ballista targets an enemy, becomes immune to interrupt effects, and starts charging his weapon for a set duration of seconds. While charging, he forms shields around all allies which absorb a percentage of the damage taken by them.
When fully charged he fires, dealing elemental damage, with additional damage based on the overall damage absorbed by the formed shields. Then he gains a personal Void Shield for a set duration of seconds with health equal to the overall damage dealt by this ability. Killing the target with Void Surge will fully recharge Void Tremor.

If Platinum ability:Void Reprisal is unlocked, the personal Void Shield acquired from Void Surge will deal a set amount of elemental damage to attackers.

Void Tremor
Silver Skill - Active Ability

Ballista smashes the ground, sending a wave of void energy toward a targeted area, dealing elemental damage to enemies caught in it and stunning them for a set duration of seconds.

Then he gains a personal Void Shield for a set duration of seconds with health based on the overall damage caused by this ability and taunts all enemies on the battlefield for a duration of seconds.

If Platinum ability:Void Reprisal is unlocked, the Void Shield acquired from Void Tremor will deal a set amount of elemental damage to attackers.

Gold Skill - Passive Ability

When Ballista is under a percentage of his maximum health, every few seconds he will receive a personal Void Shield for a set duration of seconds. If the shield expires without being destroyed, the cooldown of both Void Surge and Void Tremor will recharge by a percentage and Ballista will be healed for a set amount of health. This can proc up to a set number of times per match.

Additionally, all of Ballista’s weapon projectiles explode when they hit an enemy, doing additional elemental damage to everyone caught in the blast.

If Platinum ability:Void Reprisal is unlocked, the personal Void Shield acquired from Exoskeleton will deal a set amount of elemental damage to attackers.

Void Reprisal
Platinum Sill - Passive Ability

Void Reprisal: Every time Ballista’s personal Void Shield takes damage, it will deal damage back to the attacking enemy based on the skill level of the Void Shield source. If multiple personal Void Shields are active, damage will be dealt for each active one.

Every time this passive deals a set percentage of Ballista’s total health as damage, his true Sadistic nature awakens, which increases his Physical and Elemental Damage by a percentage for the remainder of the match and recharges the cooldown of Void Surge by a percentage.

The bonus damage can stack up to 3 times, while the trigger which recharges the cooldown of Void Surge can proc indefinitely.

Ballista is not just a hirable death machine, but he also brings a brand new Ruby Skill to the battle!

Ruby Skill - Passive Ability

The hero starts the match with a shield that can absorb up to a set amount of damage for a set duration of seconds.

Additionally, all allied heroes are immune to all crowd control effects for the first few seconds of the match and have a set amount of bonus armor throughout the match.

How can I get Ballista?

Ballista will be available in Crates and through Co-op Raids!


Nice concept.
if you keep it up this way willo, maybe deca will bring you to a collaboration someday.


The hunt is on!


Finally we have ruby ability counter to voltage!
And his bronze even looks extreme worthy!
Looks like we have a tanky sheild hero on our hands
Well done to the dev team on another amazing hero! :raised_hands: (just hoping we can be able to gain void frags for him *wink)


Bad ass hero design and is thst a new background for hero animations? I know it is district 10 stuff so thats pretty cool

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So they did that with quasary in the last one if you go look, they just give a preview in a diff plane, same with Homerun too

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Ahhh i see, do you think its for hero spotlight aesthetics or hint for a new mode or more lore on z-day with each hero in its environment


for some reason, i imagined him in a fur suit

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But… whyyy…? What put that image in my head…

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Just makes spotlights cooler :sunglasses:


I imagine him covered in woven cloth cause he kinda looks like anibus and predator


Well done @DECA with this hero. You have listened to the players in this one.
@Deca_Willow please let the teams involved in the development of this hero know what a great job they’ve done. This is the only new hero after Astrix I’m actually excited to get.


Nice Work :+1: @Deca_Willow I am exciting with this hero :blush:

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Been a very long while since one of the new heroes impressed me not only with looks, but also abilities. Excited for his release. Great addition to the roster of characters. :+1:t2:

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I have not been this excited for a new hero since either Voltage or Verrill! My only concern is going to be void frags and how to get them in a constant manor, even if it’s only 30 a day from heronium shop for double the price of the other frags.


Team DECA on a streak now, two in a row, Awesome hero skills and design, HH future looks bright. 10/10 for the new hero


Thus, we can infer that prolonged intake of astral and void heronium can cause side effects such as looney toones anatomy.

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Ugly hero, noting good hero made by deca

Honestly looks cool but I feel like he lacks a bit of detail, and I personally don’t like how his plus skin looks or him ruby shield hp being,

But beyond that, he has a strong bronze, that’s really cool and very useful, as well as a great ruby ability for the start of matches,

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its good but its have creepy animation its very distrubing