Hero Concept: ION

Background: Street “artist” Isaac “Oz” Nelson is a street artist at heart. Although his art has meaning behind it, most of the people didnt take kindly to his tagging. Even when doing other activities, such as paintball, his artist side rises and a new form is born. The world is his canvas and you are the subject.

Faction: People’s Guard

Weapon: Ion Blaster. Its basically like one of the NERF guns that would shoot balls. Since they are an energy user, the balls would be blue.

Bronze: Ion Orb (releases an orb that floats around him shooting the target. depending on how much damage it does, that is converted into health. lasts 12 seconds)
Silver: Rapid Blaster (shoots the target 25 times with the ion balls with a chance to chain to another target taking slightly reduces damage than the main target)
Gold: Rubber Ions (increases the chance of the ion balls to chain to another target)
Plat: Ion Blast (similar to the way Oracle plat happens, but this will target the one with the highest health. upon hitting them, it chains to the other opponents (with reduced damage))
Ruby: Supported

as far as appearance, idk. street artist. beanie, ripped jeans, vest. looks like a trouble maker, but hes an artist.

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Make sure to source that art!

It’s NERF. I’ll find the name of it though.

Actually, what I thought was NERF (cause that’s what I googled) is in fact made by Best Choice Products. Found it on Amazon. Rapid Fire Foam Ball Blaster is the gun name

Yeah, you should re-read the topic I posted about sourcing art. Make sure to go through the whole thing and follow all of the instructions.