Hero idea #3, Kepler

Name: Kepler
Faction: UAF Airborne
Element: Energy
Weapon Type: LMG
Position: Frontline
Roles: Tank, Support, Disrupter

Health: 4/5
Armor: 4/5
Damage: 2/5

Weapon Statistics: M714 Celestia
Rate of Fire: 5 shots per second
Magazine Size: 50
Reload Speed: 4 seconds
Critical Chance: 3%


Bronze: ‘Solar Eclipse’
This hero cleanses and cloaks all allies for five seconds. For each debuff cleansed, this hero gains X armor for ten seconds.

Silver: ‘Perihelion’
This hero randomly lifts two enemies for five seconds, dealing X damage and disorienting them for five seconds at the end.

Gold: ‘Fatal Attraction’
This hero causes frontline enemies to suffer an X% reduced movement speed, midline enemies at 1/2 that of frontline, and no effect for backline enemies.

Platinum: ‘Sphere of Influence’
Cloaked allies get a 1.3x skill charge speed and a 20% increased reload rate. All disoriented enemies simultaneously under the effect of Fatal Attraction are rooted.

Ruby: ‘Tanked Up’

Bonus Lore: Surge and Kepler hate each other.


Love this idea, and the custom art too. I personally think 5 seconds is way to long to cloak an entire team but the rest of the skills seem great and would love to see this in game


Okay, and thank you for the feedback! Is three seconds for a team cloak more reasonable?

Yes, 3 or even 2 seconds is more reasonable, like Bucket or Alavarez. If you think this nerfs the platinum to much, you could add something that applies it longer when Eclipse is activated.

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Doe he get cloak too with the bronze?

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With how good heroes need to be nowadays. These abilities seem reasonable. I love this concept too. Again very original and balanced to my opinion😄
A tip i can give to make your concept even greater. Take a look at some of the older ones. I took my inspiration from these. Which helped me build better concepts.
One important thing i need to mention. Don’t copy: your concept are original and beautiful in their own way. It’s important to keep that originality😉

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Also. Still loving the art. We get a good impression on how they look like. Which to me is one of the more important aspects of a concept🙃

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@krieg_kirov Nope, just everyone else.

@Robert_Pronk Okay, thank you! By looking at older ones, do you mean in-game heroes or custom ones from this forum?

Hmmm interesting, he’s going to get focused fired for few seconds. Not bashing but it is really interesting for me. Very unique.

I see he gains armor too, so that’s cool!

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Custom ones on the forums

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