Hero Concept: Jago

“Work with me here, I’m trying to move onto my next kill.”

Jago was born in the streets of Roddingdam and learned to kill to survive. Jago was always on the lookout for his next meal and fighting away the rats and other people alike him to be able to live to see the next day. Death was always just around the corner for Jago and many times he had looked the Grim Reaper straight in the eyes and lived to tell the tale. After killing a KLG officer who was trying to kidnap him, Jago went on the run and eventually made his way into the capital of Seblanc, a neighboring country, and perfected on his fighting skills and his marksmanship by working for an ex-military drill sergeant. However, soon killing became much less of a thrill for him and instead became his lifestyle. But, his master did not approve so Jago made a hard choice and ended up killing him and fleeing the area. Jago became an assassin and was known as The Black Threat all around Seblanc. One night, after collecting money from killing a rich lawyer, Jago decided he needed to make a faster way to kill, even if it was messier. So, he developed explosive bullets that would detonate on impact but caused a scene. Kurtz and his army took notice of Jago’s expert marksmanship and decided to recruit him with a contract, giving him a large sum of $25 million dollars upfront and an extra $5 million per target killed. With heaps of money that would come his way and the protection of Kurtz, Jago gladly accepted the terms without a second thought. His skills quickly brought him up the ranks and eventually he became apart of the KLG. Now with an army behind his back and truckloads of money, Jago, aka The Black Threat, became a prominent fear in many notorious people’s minds.

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Tactical Euthanizer:
Reload Speed- 3.74 seconds
Fire Rate- .79 bullets per second
Ammo Capacity- 7

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Health- 3/5
Damage- 4.5/5
Critical Chance- 12%
Armor- 2/5


Bronze Skill: Messy Shot :boom:
This hero activates [Messy Shot], automatically changing their ammo to explosive rounds. These rounds do x explosive damage and decreases fire rate by 80%. The explosive rounds last until this hero reloads.

Silver Skill: Only The Strong Survive :muscle:
The enemy with the lowest health becomes marked for 10 seconds. All damage dealt to this enemy is increased by 25%. Once this enemy is killed, it has a 10% chance to mark the next enemy with the lowest health. (Chance goes up as this skill is leveled up)

Gold Skill: Reputation :male_detective:
Every shot that hits an enemy has a 30% chance to stun them for 2 seconds. Every shot missed by this hero has a 30% chance to deal x damage to themselves.

Platinum Skill: What Grim Reaper? :skull_and_crossbones:
Whenever this hero dies, they have a 50% chance to come back to life with x health. However, once this hero comes back to life, they receive +10% more damage per revive.

I had a fun time writing this hero concept and I hope you had a good time reading it. If you did and are kind enough, like this post and reply letting me know some feedback for next time!



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