New Hero Concept: Buckshot - Red Fear

Element: Mech
Faction: People’s Guard
Position: Frontline

Hp 3/5
Armor 2/5
Damage 3/5
Skills 3/5

For years, I fought evil forces with comrades who thought they were heroes.
For years, I caused nothing but destruction with the excuse of being a liberator.
For years, I generated fear and hatred pretending to be good.
In a moment, I lost everything.

Heavy Duty Striker - Disruptor

  • a tortured soul imprisoned in a destroyed body.
  • an orphan since childhood, he was brought up by the army under the “Red Fear” project, which involved training no-one’s children to become a real private army at the disposal of those who would rule.
  • After one particular mission, his sense of patriotism disappeared completely, he joined a rebel army and hunted down everyone involved in that project until he was the last one.

Bronze: Throne of Bullets - use the weapon’s magazine as if it were an anti-personnel mine by throwing it into the target area, the mine will trigger on contact with the ground and explode when an enemy passes over it causing X damage.

  • Each bullet left in the magazine will add X damage to the base damage of the mine.
  • The mine will explode on its own after 15sec.
  • Using [Throne of Bullets] depletes the weapon’s current ammo.

Silver: Red Star - throws a large grenade into the section of the field where there are the most enemies.
The grenade will first implode, stunning and blocking enemies, and then expand into a fireball that will inglobe a large portion of the enemy camp.

  • Anything inside the sphere will constantly suffer X elemental damage.

Gold: Remote Detonation - the laser sight of the weapon overheats and detonates all the ammunition of the enemy’s weapon one by one.

  • The damage that the enemy will suffer is equivalent to its base damage.
  • [Remote Detonation] will be activated after 50sec from the start of the game; each level reduce the timer by 0,3sec.

Platinum: In Memoriam - for each fallen ally, the hero gains a 500% critical damage boost for 1sec and recovers X health plus X per sec for 7sec.

Ruby: Supported

Is a Russian man of advanced age, very large and robust.
Has a long, thick gray/black beard and sunken eyes.
The right arm is replaced by a much larger red mechanical one.
he wears the soviet winter uniform, heavy wool jacket, dark heavy pants, snow boots and a fur hat.

His Weapon: Son of No One
Is a huge average machine gun.
It has a very high rate of fire but is not very accurate at long ranges and automatic fire.
Has a medium-slow reload but has good damage.

this is the best gun I ever designed and I love it

Class: LMG
Shooting Rate: 13.20
Ammunition Capacity: 80
Damage: Medium


the sketch is older than the description


Very neat concept, I approve, and as a result, shall bestow upon it one like. :+1:t2:

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