Hero Concept: Paparazzo

Paparazzo was born a natural photographer and loved to take photos of many famous people and posted them online. Her biggest claim to fame was to take a photo of Obrez revealing her location from where her house was. After that photo was posted, many other photographers flocked to Obrez and violated her privacy and drove her crazy. Eventually, Obrez swore to stalk and eliminate Paparazzo. After that happened, Paparazzo went on the run and learned how to fight by strangers she came across in her travels. As she was on the run, an engineer she met developed her camera into a sniper that would aid her in battles.

With training under her belt and a powerful weapon, Paparazzo joined the People’s Guard and vowed to protect anyone who was in harm’s way.

“Cameras, the world’s greatest invention and my greatest weapon.”

Paparazzo wears a black hoodie and brown sweat pants and also wears white heart-shaped sunglasses. She has long brown hair that hangs down and has a camera bag across her shoulder and a fanny pack across her waist.


A professional camera that has an extended barrel and a stock. The trigger is the photo button and various stickers from her travels are pasted onto the gun.


Bronze Skill- Photo Flash :camera_flash:
Paparazzo takes a picture of the enemy with the flash on, stunning them for 4 seconds and doing x damage for 4 seconds.

Silver Skill- Next Big Cover Girl :dancer:
Paparazzo designates a big cover girl by marking the enemy for 10 seconds and all damage to this enemy is amplified by 15%.

Gold Skill- Freelance Photographer :video_camera:
A freelance photographer should be able to move around and be comfortable. This hero gains 25% movement speed between covers and 25% reload speed. Any People’s Guard Hero gains these buffs as well.

Platinum Skill- Photo Circulation :framed_picture:
Every time this hero uses [Photo Flash] or [Next Big Cover Girl], all allied heroes have a 50% chance to recover x health for 5 seconds and during that time they do an extra x damage.

Ruby Skill- Supported :running_man:
A skilled Support hero can’t help their team if they’re down for the count. This Hero gains a x Armor bonus and a 30% increased chance to Dodge.

Reload Speed-2.35 seconds
Magazine Capacity-5
Critical Chance-9%

Hope you like this hero concept of Paparazzo! Let me know what you think and give me some constructive feedback as well!

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I really like the idea of a photographer as a hero. Good descriptions for all the abilities too! Very nicely done. The abilities format looks amazing. :wink:

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