Very Special Hero: Lord Nikon - Cool Uncle Nik

Element: All
Faction: Hot Head
Position: He can go wherever he wants

Hp 3/5
Armor 3/5
Damage 10/5
Skills: 5/5

Any specialization
Our favorite Dev is taking the field and he won’t go easy

Bronze: God’s Help - calls the assault of 5 Galante that will charge all the enemies causing a huge single damage and then explode causing other large area damage.
At the end will appear a giant Galante that will fireheat-seeking missiles at all enemies.

Silver: Because I Can - instantly eliminates one enemy and all others with the same element in use or not.

  • In practice if he targets an energy hero, he also eliminates all the other energy that you have in the team and also eliminates those not in use

Gold: :neutral_face: - a compressed air shield surrounds Nikon.
Each enemy bullet has a 20% chance of bouncing and hitting a random enemy with damage increased by 500%.

Platinum: GG - With every game won, Nikon gives (if he feels like it) 5 gold to the player and a pat on the shoulder to the opponent.

Appearance: He wear a Spiderman costume and a pair of glasses (I’m basing this on a picture I’ve never seen).

[Insert Photo Here]

His Weapon: The All-Shooter, is a huge launcher that fires all kinds of bullets, guns, appliances and people.


My favourite one so far, I wish I saved that Spider-Man image of Nikon haha. Would be glorious to go with this post

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Love it, fantastic idea… might need a nerf in the future tho😂

May it be so!! Truly a work of art!!

I feel bad for all the other devs that wernt included :slight_smile:

Make them yourself, I’ve already thrown all my fantasy for Nikon.
Let’s bring out the big guns
@Vintermyst, @Spyro666, @HecklerP
Come on, show him what you’re made of.

I miss all of them except for @Vintermyst . they created quality content to others with their artwork. Vintermyst still around. wonder when he/she going to make new stuff

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until proven otherwise, Vinter’s still there.

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It’s not my artwork, rather it’s usually images pulled from other sources (I try to give credit as much as possible).

But yes, Vinter is still here, HE is happy to make concepts. :wink: