Hero concept: Scrappie the loot collector

Robot with no intentions of harming anyone, he just want that loot. Will however, probably, hurt his opponents in his eager attempts to collect all the scrap. Will then after the battle create equipment and equipment fragments from his findings and sell useless stuff (stone, concrete) for bucks.
High health and armor but weak firepower against enemies.

Special shockwave kind of gun. Fires a continuous stream of shockwaves.

Scrappie deal extra damage to covers. Whenever Scrappie is aiming at a cover he will analyze it to see that it’s made of.
Level up the skill to increase damage dealt on covers.
(Yes, it’s a passive bronze skill)

Scrappie hovers over the battlefield, sucking up parts of broken covers. The more covers you’ve broken the more parts he’ll find. Gains a shield and taunts Bio enmies.
Level up the skill to increase shield power.

Scrappie can also gather equipment from fallen enemies (basically he gains a 5% chance to suck up their equipment, level the skill up for higher %)

Whenever Scrappie is hiding behind a cover he will send a special magnet down the ground that attracts gold! Gives Scrappie a 5% chance to find Gold (1 - 10 gold) whenever hiding behind a cover for 5 seconds.

Level this skill up to add a % chance to double all scrap and gold findings.

Should Scrappie die you will not gain his scrap loot.

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how would this work with quick play?

Good question! I thought about that yesterday for a bit.
Probably he’d find random amounts of loot but in low numbers, or he’d not be available for quick play at all.