Hero Idea: Macbeth

Any words that are italicized are variables.

Macbeth: Morbid Harvester
Mid-Line Bio-Chem
Smg: Nemesis
Health Rating: 4/5
Damage Rating: 1/5
Fire Rate: (4) bullets per second
Clip Size: 28 Reload Speed: 4 seconds

A corpse tested on the Morlocks to reanimate the deceased. Full of jealousy, she curses the living, and takes from the dead. Otherworldly power emanates from within. She relies heavily on her abilities to do something worthwhile.

[Heart Attack] Bronze
Channel [Heart Burn] on the target. [Heart Burn] heal blocks, does heavy damage over time, and life drains equal to 30% damage done. Lasts for 8 seconds or until cancelled.

[Ms. Fortune] Silver
Marks the target for 10 seconds and cleanses the enemy target of all buffs or boosts, including shields. Deals medium damage for each boost cleansed.

[Witch Time] Gold
Gain medium crit bonus. Whenever she deals a critical hit, The attacker/defender gets affected by [WitchTime]. Opponent gets disoriented, and have all functions slowed down 30% for 4 seconds.

[Darkest Knight] Platinum
Every hero revived provides a charge of [DarkHeart], which gives her 4% crit chance up to 2 times. If an enemy is affected by [WitchTime] while they die, this hero depletes a charge in exchange for moderate bonus health for 10 seconds and cleansing her of debuffs.

Hopefully this is (mostly) original! Took a while to think up, it was mostly a draft for weeks. Might be usless in normal pve, but definitely has some use against revive spammers, especially her silver, since it should remove Unfinished Business from any target. Now that i think about it, she is just an offensive ifrit.

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I like your concept but why give her crit chance and bonus when your damage output is so low?

Her gold ability pretty much inflicts an effect similar to showtime on crit, so she is meant to disrupt instead of doing dps, atleast with her main weapons. Whenever she uses her bronze, it could have a chance of landing a crit, dealing MORE damage, leading to critical life drain.

Edit: when i mean all functions slowed down, i mean things like reload, movement, firing, and skill charge speed.