New Energy Hero idea

Thought it would be a fun/cool thing to have an energy based hero inspired by Jim Raynor of the Blizzard fame.

Bronze skill “Inspire”: Gives himself and the allies near him a small attack speed boost. To keep things fair, this will be in a radius closest to him. So if you are out of the radius, you wont get the boost. It will last 4 seconds and have a cooldown of 15 seconds.

Silver Skill “Piercing Shot” Shoots a strong shot in a straight line that knocks back the enemy. The closer you are, the stronger it hits. So damage can vary depending on the range you are.

Gold Skill “Buck shot” The last round of his gun will have an increase damage to the main target and splash damage around the main target. So this would be like a different version of Clydes attack where he can score a critical hit on the last round of his gun.

Platinum Skill “Adrenalin Rush” This will auto heal himself for a fraction (1/4th) of his max health for a second only if he falls below 25% of his health. Cooldown of 25 seconds.

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I like the concept. Fairly simple but has potential.

I personally would swap your bronze and platinum skills around though.

Have “Adrenalin Rush” as an active skill which which increases attack speed/damage and restores health based on a % of damage done.

Then “inspire” is activated when critical hits are received, or dealt (not both) and as you described, increases fellow team members attack speed. Could probably just include all team members and not just in a radius though.

Just my take. But solid idea. Kudos!

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Interesting take. I’m just trying to see how they would play out either way it’s done. I can see both ways working. Thanks for the feedback :slight_smile:

And decided to give him a name, Captain Lariat (song name that seemed fitting). He likes adventure.

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