Hero Spotlight: Torque

Will his weapon be special class? Or another LMG?

This dudes skills are bad ass. That plat skill is a great idea. Looking forward to em!! :call_me_hand:t2:

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Looks great! He kinda looks like Kurtz. (mainly the face) I hope I’ll pull him early from one of my 10 MW Crate Tokens! :wink:

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His skills look fun and interesting. :+1:

Is he a Frontline, Midline or Rearline hero ?

Thanks!!! @muninn awesome i hope i get him!

Frontline look at the ruby skill

A frontline Mechanical Healer , that sounds intresting…

I’ve predicted the future

A class never seen mate. Hummer and chisel :joy:. Will do your extension on the back garden :joy:

I think he looks amazing, cool skills, i really like the fact we get another hero to make a nest in pvp, i bet he can probably solo enemies, but would be a great team player

Look like new meta, but first we need test of reload speed of his skills. If this something like Scum this will be unplayable. Tank with loooooong skills is just cannon fodder.

We got pickups now?!? Yes!!! I feel like he would be a healer version of Castellan.
(And yes, I know Caine does pickups to but only if he misses)

He looks tough. Can’t wait to use him!
P.S. why is it everytime i look at him i hear the song “Real American”?

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I get a YMCA vibe definitely!! :grinning: great stuff!!


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Does that mean we’ll get 4 biochems in a row?

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Haha pls no that would be hard


A TF2 Engineer/Torbjörn crossover, lookin’ like Kurtz and Hulk Hogan had a kid. Looking forward to it! I wonder if he’ll have a Southern drawl?

Yee yeee. I hope so thatd be cool