How to make Torque good in PVP?

How to make Torque good in PVP?

You can’t, he’s just bad lol


I’m sure there is a combo out there, but it might be like 3 other healers and someone else. They all gonna work overtime to keep him alive but he will die anyway

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I wanted to go all out on this one. But i don’t have much for torque

Surely he has amazing synergies. Buuuut his abilities just don’t do anything.

You could try using him with shank and maybe dreadnought. Considering they either get destroyed and reset shank’s stuns or they buff up your frontline tanks. The healing is insignificant so i’d recommend not to upgrade that skill. Otherwise. Maybe use callidus so she leeches and gets more healing from the turrets if you prefer to keep them alive.
Damage wise. Try cinder and verill maybe. Anything works with it really

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Hmmm leeching on the turrets. Good idea. That’s a clever one.

Not much really… he’s meant to be a healer/support but his healing is insignifcant, and low damage. If there was a hero with the ability to increase health restoration he might become useful…

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He can ask devs for serious buff

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Buff him. :joy:

But seriously, use him in conjunction with other tanks. His turrets tend to attract enemy fire for some reason.

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Leave Torque as green, then run him with Kurtz, Kiyoshi, Krieger and Halo


Lol too late, I got him on Gold

Yes that’s why I decide to just use him with other turret/clone/drone heroes.

And also he can basically heal frontlines.

I also use torque like this, my kurtz sacrifice teams are so hard to play only real masters like me can use them effectively.

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