Sneak Peek on Torque's POWER STATUS

Yo yo yo~~!! Come back with me, Oxrello again. :grin:

Sorry for my RL things here & there, so making me rarely have time to post again.

Yup, without further ado. This time we will discuss the new hero released in June 2020, “Torque … !!”.
Video is available on my youtube channel @Oxrello now.
Or you can click link/watch here:

_At first glance, he looks great, isn’t he?
A tanker with his ability to cure allies. Let’s see how strong is he? How much is his Health Points? The Damage? And so on.

For those of you who do not have this hero, you can make this as a reference for the future.
(Psst psst … Pvp event with this hero feature is also just about a few hours away)

Let’s see the upgrade.
Next video will be continued with others, from the fighting style and so on.

I’d really appreciate it if you guys support me too on my YT channel. Thanks

Greetings…, Sobat Hunter.

PS: Important to note! In this segment I only provide a preview of its natural strength (without my settings in the upgrade level per color skill).
So that you guys know the basic damage, elemental damage, armor and others without the intervention of the power level skills.


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