Hero Spotlight: Venom? But How?

Icon_ElementBio VENOM

Faction_ColorIcon TERAVENTA

Venom, the “Poison Master,” joins the hunt! Our second Teraventa crossover Hero specializes in laying down toxic fumes that can damage and Stun opponents!

Weapon - Repeating Crossbow

Skills Header

Toxic Explosion

Bronze Skill - Active Ability


Drops an explosion of toxic fumes over the battlefield poisoning all enemies in the targeted area, dealing Elemental Damage per second for 12 seconds to afflicted enemies.

Overwhelming Fumes

Silver Skill - Active Ability


A strong stunning attack, deals Elemental Damage per second and the targeted enemy is Stunned for 5 seconds.

Poison Master

Gold Skill - Passive Ability


All enemies damaged by the Hero have a 50% chance to release a poison cloud upon death. The clouds deal elemental damage per second to any enemies who linger within a small area. Each poison cloud persists for 12 seconds.

Team Immunity

Platinum Skill - Passive Ability


All allied Heroes recover Health per second.

Doing Damage

Ruby Skill - Passive Ability


This Hero receives an Elemental Damage bonus as well as a 30% skill charge boost to their Bronze skill.

How can I get Venom?!


Venom will be initially available through a Feature Crate and a Guaranteed Blitz Event! At a later date, she will be added to the Gilded Crate.

Special Razor Venomdome Crossover Event!

Razorback is taking a break! Join Venom as she takes over the Razordome with a host of new challenges and prizes!

Complete challenges to earn great prizes, including Venom Tokens, Krieger Tokens, Elemental Fragments, and the special Forged Rare Skin for Venom!

Venomdome Event starts August 17th, 2020 at 12 PM PST and runs until August 24th, 2020 at 12 PM PST


What do you think of Venom? Let us know in the comments!


Hmmmm a cross clone after an ERM clone… lemme guess she will be high power just like Jackal was… personally not a fan of this re-using FF heroes for HH concept


Looks cool! I’m excited. :+1:t2:


Looks good and fun to play. I never played FF, so cross over hero’s don’t bother me. A new hero is a new hero. Hopefully her on paper skills match up to her ingame skills and effectiveness.


And the next port will be Gunsmoke who is a clone of Dogface. But with higher power. Smh.


Hanna-Barbera Productions;

:point_up: :point_up: :point_up: Jackal: “She looks so familiar!”

Interesting. A new take on the razor dome will be nice, but does this mean jackal will be in gilded crate for the August update?

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Additional heroes to the current monthly HH heroes are always welcomed. They aren’t a must have yet as they aren’t faction boosted, so see them as a plus.

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youpiiiiiiiiii I already have it


Here is Venom in FF, Level 90, 10 Star, Legendary +3, and Level 90 Abilities.

Those are her abilities, in order.

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The stun effect lasts 5 seconds in HH. Her damage could be different as well and the charge rate of skills, you never know.

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This Venom is very similar to Cross. Not excited at all. Hope devs don’t set her as another high powered useless hero.


My poor ff :sob:, everyone is leaving teraventa

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I like the crossover honestly, more heroes are welcome, but, like…

It’s literally Cross.

I’m excited to see the new challenges in the Venomdome as well :+1:


Glad your OK mate, I’ve been waiting for your response after your big reply. Stay classy usmarine.


The Virgin Venom vs the Chad Cross.

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FF Cross… big oof…


“Our second Teraventa CROSSover”


I wanted to note to everyone that FF crossover heroes have better stats than their usual hero, af far as i see, she has a 2 second longer stun, probably higher damage to in all stats

That’s not the problem, the problem is instead of coming up with fresh new hero’s they are just recycling ones from another game. Theres no creativity there. Rather have a fan concept then clones