Hero Spotlight: Phantasma

Icon_ElementMech PHANTASMA

Faction_Magistrate MAGISTRATES

Phantasma, the “People’s Protector,” joins the Hunt! This savvy sniper specializes in finishing off weakened opponents, using stealth tactics to get the drop on the enemy!

Primary Weapon - Super Slingshot

Skills Header

Sniped Ya

Bronze Skill - Active Ability


Fires a single shot at the enemy with the lowest Health. If the enemy is killed by this Skill, Phantasma fires a second shot at the enemy with the highest Health.

Wrist Rockets

Silver Skill - Active Ability

Fires missiles at the targeted enemy, dealing Damage. Shrapnel in the wound deals additional Damage Over Time for 10 seconds.

The Predator

Gold Skill - Passive Ability


When this Hero kills an enemy, they become Cloaked, increasing movement speed .

Never See It Coming

Platinum Skill - Passive Ability


When this Hero is Cloaked, they deal additional Damage.


Ruby Skill - Passive Skill


Phantasma gains bonus Armor and Dodge chance.

How can I get Phantasma?!

crate raid

Phantasma will be available through Feature Crates and Co-op Raids!

What do you think of Phantasma? Let us know in the comments!


Looks amazing. Good work devs

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Nice aimbot on bronze.

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I like how clean this hero’s uniform looks, look forward to seeing this hero in action!


So much yes!! She’s like Robin hood strike from the shadows. I will definitely power her up

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Sheeeesh she looking kinda fire, excited to she her in action

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I predict that her rare skin will be called Vigilante


Can’t wait to add her to the squad :sunglasses:

Its Kelly from Walking Dead :joy:


She looks like a fun character. Great job again. You guys put forth so much effort. She reminds me a bit of this hero from Forged Fantasy.

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New hero looks awesome but the new bounty rewards looks amazing. Thanks devs!!!

I’m really liking the lore for this hero. I love that she was inspired to become a hero of her own from reading comics. Great skill set, and overall, a very exceptional hero! :+1:t2:

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Wait till you see the splash art!


im excited to see what skins she’ll have. feel like there would be an animal involved like a fox. but thats just me.


This hero could be trash or not, with ruby salvage available, I don’t care about anything else now. Come to me ruby +5 :heart_eyes:

Does it involve tongues? :wink:


I counted zero tongues shown in the splash art


Good to hear!
I’m looking forward for her. Also to use buffed Obrez in PvP events. Maybe at ruby5 now. :+1:

I can’t find anywhere what you’re talking about. what bounty rewards?

Tomorrow s bounty blitz event will have at mark 500k. A ruby salvage.