HEROASSASINGS is recruiting

A new growing alliance called [HA702]HEROASSASINGS is looking for active players wanting to grow with us. We are a core group of 13 that participates in all events with the goal to rank and get as many milestones as possible. Our environment is not hardcore but competitive, active in patrols daily, and we work together in co-op raids to make sure everyone gets the new character in dojo before it ends. Our strongest player is 291k to our lowest at 44k, our average power is 161k. If this sounds like a place you would like to grow in and compete come join us. Any questions just ask me or any officer we will be glad to help you.

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Thank you. Hi I’m beginer and my hero is little level. I don’t know
you need me to join your team.

If your active looking for a place to grow and compete in come join us.

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Thank you. maybe my not will skilled. But I’m ready to learn is allway.